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Christian comedians

Hi all,

I have a budding comedienne student I want to get tickets for to see a comedy show, but I don't know the names of people. I like Ken Davis, but he's not going to be near where I live. Anybody know some good, Christian funny people? (I mean literally, folks. Resist the temptation for a wise crack although I know I swung the door wide open. And its getting wider.)

believe it or not I dont know (or have seen ) a christian comedian.. I should look more into that .. I sure could use a laugh (besides at when I do something to goofy)
A few I love to watch I would have to say Mike warnke He is the best and I love to listen to jesse duplantis even though he isnt concidered to be a comic he is pretty funny. But mike warnke He has an awesome message along with lots of humor . Well God bless
Kenn Kington is a really good Christian comedian. I went to see him once & liked him well enough to buy several of his DVD's. Very funny, and very Christian!
Brad Stine is hysterical and edgy. If he's not coming to your area, check out one of his video's they are really good. Also Chonda Pierce is really funny too.