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Christ removed...again

Recently this came to my attention the wording now of dates.. I was watching a history special and the said 120ce and I was wondering what that meant and what was going on well today I found out and I am not happy at all about it.

CE stands for Common Era
That is trying to replace what we would call AD
AD is shortened from the Latin "Anno Domini" which means " the year of the Lord.

So what was 2004 AD for some now and many later is 2004 CE

Now there is also BCE which then stands for Before the common era .
Which is expected to replace BC which stands for Before Christ.

So 5 BC is turning to 5BCE!

Now tell me what is next? God has been removed from schools and courthouses.

And Now the Date?

Murder is right (abortion) Homosexuality is right ! Hey but don't ya dare preach against either ya might go to jail.

Tolerance is the new thing and Christianity is an old way of closed minded

I for one REFUSE to stand or sit or turn my back on these subjects and let them freely go!

People Christ has been removed from alot of things and being replaced by man.

We know that a time is coming where "religious freedom" is for everyone but Christians. Do not be discourage though because we know who wins! Stay in the word and pray! Memorize scripture keep in fellowship with fellow believers. Stay clear of filth that it may not creep in. I love you brothers and sisters! We need to go out and tell all what is happening and what will happen ! Joyfully ~ Jlu

Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
Staff Member
I will ask GOD in the new Heaven to provide me a theater where I can watch satan live, burning in hell. I'm sure GOD doesn't mind.

This is utterly disgusting. I will always use BC and AD and even preach it!

It is still now an example of how the world just gets more evil and hateful towards GOD.

Some are simply lost, some are simply stupid and evil. GOD knows all hearts.

I long for Judgement Day.
Shocking like the gay pastors out there? How can you say homosexuality is ok but prech the word of God? Not for me to judge but just makes the real christians look like idiots when they are represented by people saying that a piece of Gods word doesnt matter anymore! And as we all know the Bible in it's entirity is Gods word. People will be so imbarrased on judgement day when they were the reason another reminder was pulled out of our lives. Oh well another issue to pray and an excuse to talk longer to God.. lol
jan satan knows his time is near..... and he wants to take with him as many souls possible.... as if it would make his suffering any easier.....

Hold on to the LORD.... He is your strong tower!
i like that last phrase you said alicia..... it is an xcuse to pray longer
taking prayer and everything that mentions God out of schools and trying to mess with the constitution because it speaks about God people are getting out of control their hearts have have been hardened towards the Lord and most of them are lost for good. but i believe that is whats wrong with children and adults these days they kill and not think twice about it the devil is a work in our world and the Lord is going to grow tired of him, the devil is only bringing the end closer and i cant wait i pray for those who are not saved and are undecided. turn to the Lord he loves you, he wants to save you. and i pray that my faith and love in the lord will only grow stronger as each day passes bless you all
Yes I noticed that about a year ago. They supposedly did so, so those who were not of the Christian Faith would not be offended. I guess they consider offending the over 2 billion Christians in this world as not a matter to worry about because we tend not to support the mainstream. Christianity is the worlds largest body of believers and our voice continues to get stiffled, but hey they may take it out of schools, govt. and the like, but they will not remove it from my heart and I will stand up for my Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ publicly as well as privately.

This is the day the Lord has Made let us rejoice and be glad in it!!

Peace be with you,
Your Brother in Christ,