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Hello everyone,

My name is Ronda and I am new around here, it looks promising though. I am not at all a seasoned chat roomer, if that tells you anything, but one night I was up late and didnt have anyone to talk to. I have a myspace account, and use it to keep in touch with some old highschool freinds that have moved out of the state.

So I went to see if anyone else was up as late as I was and saw that no one was, down the side of my page I noticed a community bar with different options, and decided to check out the chat room button. Now Im not so uneducated about the internet to know that there are some bad things that go along with chat rooms, but it was topical so I selected religion, and Christian. I was hoping to go into a room and meet brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, and fellowship, but what i saw was terrible. there where a lot of people there for one thing, so it was hard to follow, but the general ambiance of the place was not what I expected, there was horrible language, disgusting conversations about private parts, blasphemous talk about the Holy Spirit, and everyone but just a few of the 30-40 people where trying to discredit the existence of God.

What are these people doing here? was one of my biggest questions, I found myself conflicted what am I doing here? this obviously isnt where I belong, or is it? What could I do, if anything to change the mood of the room and possibly share some light in all of that darkness. I began to speak boldly of how disparaging the conversation was, then to tell everyone of what God has done for me, I gave my testimony and prayed for all of the people in the room, thats kinda the short version, but it left me feeling insufficient, and also opened my eyes to the Myspace majority's thoughts on God.

I stayed up even later that night just praying for God to show me what to do, and to help all who went into that Christian chat room. The next day a thought popped into my head. If perhaps a few or more true believers went into that room together and where unified in there objectives of sharing the message of Jesus then maybe there would be a change of the sort of people that go in to the chat room, if people went there seeking answers then they would find them, if people went there hurting they could find comfort, and the people who went there to deliberately sabotage and destroy the peace of the place, talking smack about God or just trying to make everyone angry by typing various names of certain private parts over and over and over again, (just trying to prepare you for the worst, not that that truly touches on what is there but im sure you get the picture) will get discouraged and leave or maybe, just maybe get real and ask the right questions.

I hope that those of you who read this who are members of the body will consider standing in a united front for Jesus, but I wouldn't ask anyone who wasn't sure about the Bible, as a matter of fact if you dont know the Bible and read it on a regular basis, then your going to get stumped and end up looking like you don't know anything and cant explain simply why you trust in Jesus. That said let me know if you plan on going and lets all see if we can meet there togeather, without judgment or persecution, but love and joy and truth, and the peace of God. let it reign in our hearts and God will do the rest for those we encounter.
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Hi ronda and welcome to TJ. The site where Jesus is the focus.

I trust you will be blessed on here.

This is a great place to grow in your walk with Jesus.

The live chat room is a Godly place for good wholesome chat and keeping Jesus the main focus always. All things for His glory.

Myspace is basically non Christian from what I have heard regarding the chat rooms too. People go there to witness Jesus where it is a battleground but to a Christian chat for refreshing.

God bless

LLJ :love: :rainbow: :rose:
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Hey sister, Welcome to Talk Jesus. I hope you enjoy the fellowship here. I would love to go in that chat room with you and whoever else to defend the Bible and seek the lost. If you still plan on doing this, just pm on here and we'll plan a date and time to do this.

God Bless

Ephesians 4:15
"But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:" KJV
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Welcome to the forums sister. Glad you've joined us.

Myspace is a disgrace. However, we cannot hide out from the world, otherwise how will we reach out to them with the Gospels?
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ya if a chatroom is based around a cirtain religion on myspace its gonna attract a fair few trolls anyway, the fact that it was late meant that quite a few of them were probably just idiots with nothing better to do while they came down off something, quite a few of my stoner friends have a habit of doing stuff like that. Don't sweat it, there are a lot of bad people out there on the internet, but they aint here so chill, relax and take in what God and his people have to offer :grin:
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Grace and Peace

Welcome to talkJesus.

Yes Myspace, dark place with some True believers letting there light shine. I love online witnessing, chat rooms can be a bit crazy but there's always one person who is willing to listen.

Feel free to pm me.
Be blessed.
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I would like to make a time to go out and do just that, and they are crazy, not just a bit, i suggest that all who feel lead to go should meet and speak togeather, to get to know eachother a bit, and then go from there, thanks for responding!

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the reasons that i went in there where to fellowship with members of the body, and i do see that people go in there just to get a rise out of others or even to persecute, but why would they really go in there if they werent looking for something, I really think that it is a mission feild that is in dire need of missionaries, this place here is where people should come, but lets think about it for a sec, if your not saved would you come here? or would you just click around until you found something? God puts people in our paths in order for them to see him through us right? I have met with some who say that this is a lost cause, and to find other places to talk with members of the body, but why would so many people go there? there are usually between 20-40 in that one chatroom at any given time, wich is hard to follow but what are they looking for? There needs to be people in there who can show them.
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The Right Time

Hello again to all of you who wish to help in making a difference in the Myspace Christian chat room.

I think that this endeavor depends on how many of us can go at the same time. We should go together Im just shooting ideas here...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

First of all myspace chat rooms have no moderators that I am aware of, I have tried to send messages to Tom the myspace dude, but hes not accepting any at the time, it does have a place to report abuse, but due to the nature of the situation I think that moderators would cure the problem, I just dont know how to make that happen.

These are the times that I am usually available online, and I would like it if each of you would let me know when your online as well that way we can get to know eachother a little before going into battle.

Mon-Fri 7am-9am, 12pm-3pm, and 10pm-? (central standard time)
Thats a good estimate for me the weekends are another all depends on my kids and my husband.

If you dont have a myspace account just go to the websight at myspace and set one up its free and easy. My Myspace name is Tondaleiyo just do a search and you can add me to your friends list, should you choose to.

I think that we can make a difference here, with God on our sides. Im not the greatest at knowing where to find scripture, Ive only been saved for almost a year, but I know what is in my heart and it goes out to these people even the ones who are there to hurt others, but i know that I can't do this without help.

I feel that I may be a little forward here but i feel pressed to stay on track, I love this websight! its a great resource and a wonderful place to learn and fellowship. Everyone should know about TalkJesus!
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