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Caterpillar to Butterfly

Christians young and old ask

How can god know everything about us?
How can he tell what i going to do with my life?
How has he always been here ? hows that possible?
Born Again?

When i first became a christian i asked these questions and slowly but surely my questions got answered in an indirect way thru little illustrations.

Think of a caterpillar, a little ugly creepy crawly that is kept on the ground then one day its rebirthed and turns into a beautiful butterfly and flys into the sky - Born Again! wow!
Thats like us be we become regenerate we are free and can learn to fly!

Secondly same illustration, we Humans know that a caterpillar becomes a butterfly dont we, but i doubt very much that the caterpillar knows its going to be beautiful and fly.
well thats like God he has set us apart and knows every step that us humans will make, and knows that we will become truly beautiful when we meet Jesus, but were like the caterpillar we dont know it, imagine if god showed us all what we would be like? I know we couldnt handle it.

Thirdly think of a circle theres no beguining and no end, that just like God

I know these are silly but maybe it will help
hey JJ!!

that is soo tru man!! an wot an awesum way 2 illistrate the points, very nicely dont i must say so myself!!

well done, an keep up da good work!! ur an awesum "threader" on TJ!! i love em!!

thanx man!!

God Bless!!