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Canadian Christian here

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Peace Seeker, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody, my name is Tony. I'm a brand new member on here, looking forward to getting to know you and growing in faith each day with the body of Christ!
  2. Welcome to Talk Jesus Tony,
    hope you like it here,
    and hope to see you in chat sometime soon

    loads of love Kirsty xxx

  3. Thanks, Kirsty! Yes I do like it here, so much to read and learn and discuss. Take care, Jesus' blessings on you!
  4. G'day Peace Seeker,

    Good luck understanding Kirsty in the chatroom. : p

    Welcome and God bless !
  5. Thanks Tony God bless you :),
    and not that hard to understand in chat..
    most of the time anyways lol :p

    x kirsty x
  6. Welcome to TJ..:D
  7. Thanks everyone! And if I go into the chat room will someone be saying I told you so? LOL, kidding Kirsty!
  8. ok..we have much more laughs
    in chat than we do on the forum,
    that much i will tell you ;)
    but we also have really interesting discussions
    which of course im sure you will be looking forward to?

    x kirsty x
  9. Welcome Canadian Christian, please share your faith in Jesus with us, as you visit.
  10. Yes, I love a good discussion and laughs as well!
  11. Lol, hope to speak soon then

    God bless and loads of love
    Kirsty xxx
  12. Hi Stephen,

    My faith in Jesus (just the basics here of the creed I subscribe to) : That He stepped out of eternal Heaven and came down to earth with the mission of reconciling fallen humanity unto the Father. His means of doing that was to die for us on the cross, where all of our sins were nailed with Him to it.
    He shed His blood for us for the forgiveness of sins. Without His sacrifice mankind would always be lost and hopelessly separated from God. When we call on His name, admit our lost situation, repent from our sin, believe in Him and trust in Him, he saves us, regenerates our fallen flesh nature and gives us the power to be children of God. And He gives us eternal life!

    Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life while He dwelt among us, was crucified, buried and by the power of the Holy Spirit mightily resurrected from the grave. He now sits at the right hand of God the Father where He reigns in glory! Hallelujah!

    Our God is so wonderful, just the thought that He is so mindful and loving toward his small, imperfect creation brings tears to my eyes! He gave us a gift that we can never repay and I try to remember that love and walk in it every day.
  13. Okay, here's my dumb question of the day : how do I go in the chat room? :embarasse:embarasse:embarasse
  14. Lol, when your on the home screen
    (where you have the shout out box and list of the different forums)
    at the top are 4 pictures, games,
    blogs, chat and randomizer on the live chat pic ;)

    its ok took me 3 days to figure out how to get onto it lol

    x kirsty x
  15. Hi Kirsty,

    Well, I got you beat! Over a week later and I still haven't been successful at getting into the room! :zip:

    I know the button to click on and all that, but when I do all I get is a blank grey screen! I have java enabled and flash player, so I don't know what to do! Cool, huh?
  16. ...Beats me, im not really good at :\

    x kirsty x
  17. It's all right, thanks anyway.

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