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Can You Name the Original Twelve Apostles?

Can you name the original Twelve Apostles?

If not, here you go: Peter, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon, and Judas

Some fun facts:

Peter’s real name was Simon but Christ had given him a surname (different name) of Peter. Maybe because there was already an apostle named Simon and no one wanted to get confused? Or perhaps the name Peter had a meaning attached to it that described Simon’s character. (Matt. 10:2, Mark 3:16)

Andrew was actually the brother of the apostle Peter. (Matt. 10:2)

James and John were brothers as well. Christ gave a surname or title to them as well. The name was Boanerges, which meant “Sons of Thunder”. Many bible scholars believe Christ gave these brothers this title because of the intense character they both had. (Mark 3:17)

Thaddaeus was also a surname for the apostle’s real name Lebbaeus. (Matt. 10:3)

It really does paint a more detailed picture of Christ’s apostles when you get into the details of who they were as men as you study their lives in the New Testament. How amazing it would be to have a more in-depth account of their lives than what we have! However there is so much in the scriptures that we can learn about them that we probably didn’t know was there.

As the apostles were killed (or killed themselves in the case of Judas) other apostles were called to fill their place. There is so much to learn about all these apostles, their personal lives, the relationships they had with one another, and the work they dedicated their lives to in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world they lived in. I bet you will surprise yourself about how little you really do know about these great men as you go on a journey to discover their lives in the scriptures.
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