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Can you have too much Jesus?

A friend of mine who sees that I post a lot of content (on social media on my page) related to Jesus, posted a question asking me;

"If moderation is the key.. yes? is there such a thing as too much Jesus? "

This was my reply to him


If moderation is the key, can you have too much Jesus?

Such a question is not one that can be answered with a simple yes or no, but more of a, it depends. Let us first start with the assumption given, which is, “if moderation is the key”? Well is moderation really the key, and are Christians called to be moderate? Well, yes and no. We are called to be modest in our dress, we are called to be moderate in our emotions and not quick to anger. We are called to be moderate in our appetites and to not gratify the flesh to the excess with drunkenness and worldly pleasures. In those respects Christians are called to moderation regarding keeping restrictions on the flesh; however when it comes to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are called to a life of faith and obedience.

The Holy Spirit often calls believers to courses of actions which will seem weird to the secular world. For example, Noah was called to built an ark and it took him about 50 years to do so. I repeat 50 years. Think about if your neighbor worked on His boat for 50 years. To those around Him, Noah's dedication to working 50 years straight on a project for God would not have seemed to be moderation, but Noah was being led by the Holy Spirit. Paul was called to preach the gospel, and traveled for miles preaching all over Asia, for some dedicating His whole life to the call of the gospel would not have seemed like moderation, but Paul was being led by the Holy Spirit. The lady with the alabaster box, poured her very expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus; Judas(the disciple) commented on how expensive the perfume was, showing his disgust that this lady was not acting in moderation. However she was being led by the Holy Spirit and her actions flowed from her love for Jesus.

Unfortunately there are times when individuals take their religion (notice I didn't say relationship with God) to the extreme, by becoming judgmental /condemning of others, legalistic, or ascribing to false doctrines. Others in the name of religion have waged unjust wars and blow themselves up, these obviously are examples when under the banner of religion people find themselves being fanatical. However the key in these situations is that these individuals were not being led the Holy Spirit.

So in summary Christians are called to moderation by which we limit the expression and leading of the flesh, however we are called to submission by which we give up control and allow the Holy Spirit to lead however God wills. Religion both when done right and when done wrong will often have you looking quite odd to the world, whether it is Joan of Arc willing to be burned to death for her faith or members of Jim Jones cult giving up their life to drink the kool-aid while awaiting their heavenly spaceship to the afterlife. One is an example of it done right, another an example of it done wrong, however neither were done in moderation.

Thus the question in the end is not necessarily if one is acting in moderation but if one is being led by the Holy Spirit. And that is a much harder question, but if you want to ask that question, I'll try to answer that. Love and God Bless.

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