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can you answer these questions?

1. Who built a tunnel to bring water inside the city of Jerusalem?
2. Who was the first king of Judah after the nation divided?
3. Who loved the Lord and tore down all the idols his father made?
4. Who left her family and traveled to Canaan with a servant ?

Hint: married Isaac, a man she never met.
Heavensound, these are just some wild guesses, will probably miss most or all, but here goes...
1) Nehemiah, possibly? 2) Rehoboam? (I looked that one up, I think it's right).
3) wild guess... David?
4) Rebekah
Hezekiah built the tunnel

All the rest a correct i think.

All Praise The Ancient of Days
3 - ASA
Dear Heavensound ... you are a remarkable , and mature christian for only being 12 years old ! :love: I am very blessed by you're post . :love: Keep up the great work ! :love: :boy_hug: BROTHER