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Can I have your views on this please.

Hi Everyone,

I thought that you might enjoy reading this. It's a prayer that I wrote a little while ago....

Dear Lord Jesus,

Everyday, in villages, towns and cities all across the world, disabled babies are being born into ordinary families. Their arrival will no doubt bring confusion, disappointment and possibly anger into the lives of the people around them.

To the parents and families of these children, we ask Lord for Your undivided attention. They will need a shoulder to weep on, an ear to whisper into, and a gentle hand to guide them into each new day.

Stay close beside them Lord, and through Your grace, the strength and energy which they will undoubtably need, will flow freely from Your heart into theirs.
'Speaking For Myself' published 2004
by Lynda Gallilee

As you will no doubt know, I was born with cerebral palsy, but in a funny kind of way, this disability of mine has been turned into a blessing. My life has been a struggle certainly, but Jesus has never let me down.

My love to you, from Lynda
What a beautiful prayer!
God Bless you!
A family in my church have a little baby girl, she was born with down syndrome and from 8 weeks old she has had over 10 different surgeries for multiple things. One of the familys children wasn't a Christian, and seeing her little baby sister make wonderful recoveries and seeing the greatness of God at work, she has since gotten saved and now following Jesus all thanks to her little sister, what a blessing.
God Bless ya.
you know darl children born with disabilities are more precious than any, god sent those children here to earth to teach others unconditional love, you have been sent as one of the lords angels to teach this world. you are precious. God Bless your everyday

:love: Hi
That's a really nice prayer and may God bless you in the times you need it most!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: