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Calling all fishermen and farmers

Let me begin brothers and sisters by saying I barely made it through highschool I have never been to college or siminary school and I pray that others may come in and fill the gaps that I am lacking.These are my personal expierences and understandings of the word.it is my hope that others will share their expierences in a way to motivate and encourage others to action.Due to the fact that I type like a chicken,looks down,hunts and pecks I am going to cut and paste an expierence that I posted in another thread.

I believe we must be very causious about sharing our work for the Lord so as not to bring glory to ourselves but I feel if we do it in spirit it would help to motivate others to witness.The joy that comes from doing the Lords work is imeasurable and intoxicating, a good cure for depression is to help others. If you are a new christian a good thing to do by yourself is to leave tracks at places that people would be likely to read them,bus stations/stops ,restrooms,waiting rooms. I would suggest if your are young in your walk and want to witness to people face to face take a seasoned brother with to help answere questions a person may have that you are unsure of.In the name of bringing glory to the father and to maybe inspire and motivate others I offer this example. I am an old hitchiker,started when I was about 13.So when I read 'take it to the highways and byways I was off. I made crosses out of 3 nails(example in the photo/art section) that I would give to people that picked me up and explain that the cross was made by the hands of man so it could be stolen,lost,rust and fall apart but that which the cross stood for could never be lost,stolen or fall apart(its hard for them not to listen when your sitting in their car lol) One night I was returning from one such adventure that had led me to the downtown area.It was about 2 or 3 in the morning and I was tired and pleading with God for a ride home.I was crossing a bridge and looked down and saw a figure stumbling along the highways edge."Ok Lord guess no ride for me huh?" I went down and caught up with man who was extremely intoxicated and in danger of being run over.I walked between him and traffic as we exited the highway into a very rough neighborhood.He would have been a prime target for someone bent on wrong doing.Him being drunk talked with me like I was his best friend I walked with him towards his home which included a stop at his local bar for one more beer.(I had a coke) If I had been to righteous to enter with him I would have missed the oppurtunity to have been welcomed into his home and the chance of witnessing to him. A man whos girlfriend was getting into the occult the Lord laid on my heart that he would finish the work I started by making the man believe he was visited by an angel. He would wonder the next morning if it happened at all but then he would find the cross I gave him.It was about another 5 or 6 miles home but the ache in my legs was gone and my backpack was as light as a feather and it was like I was home before I knew it. AMEN!

The Lord has laid on my heart that I should explain that the highway is a very dangerous place and there are many in this world that seek to use and abuse. In other words "dont try this at home" like I said I spent a good part of my teenage years hitchiking in a different time so I am somewhat comfortable on the streets. Seek the Lord in what he would have YOU do....One more thing He wants me to tell is that if anyone would like to know how to make the crosses to let me know but He wants me to figure out a way to do it without soldering. People respond better when given something hand made.I have been with groups that handed out tracks in large crowds and that is like casting a net I will not speak against it for it has its place but for me making the personal connection is more rewarding.Although I wonder sometimes because due to some broken bones in my face a nerve was damaged and everytime I blink my face twitches so I worry sometimes that folks may think I am a bit of a nut.:)

This one is for those parents that have children that have turned away from God.Pray without ceasing for you sometimes just don't realize how the Lord is working.I caught a ride with a guy that had just purchased some heroine and was returning home to smoke it with his wife. He pulled a large hunting knife out from the side of his seat and I heard the words 'fear not' and as the man searched my eyes for fear we connected and I knew he knew that there was something different about me.He put the knife away and I started talking with him about the heroine,how and when he got started,what it felt like. I noticed a car seat in the back so I began to appeal to the father in him and the kind of life he wanted for his daughter. I explained Gods love for his children was much like his how he wants the best for us wants us to be happy and live a life of peace.Then the Lord laid on my heart to ask of his about his mom and he began to cry.His father left when he was young and his mom tried to bring him up right by taking him and his sister to church.He had even been saved but just got in with the wrong crowd.I told him that his mother had been praying for him and that was the reason I was there. I will never forget the look he gave me. It came time for me to go my way and him his. i told him to go to his mom and tell her what happened, to ask her forgivness and that he needed hers and Gods help.I prayed with him that God would help him find his way back to his arms gave him a cross and shook hands.

There is someone out there just waiting on YOU to point them in the right direction.
A big part of why Jesus was so succesfull with the crowds he spoke to was because he appeared as one of them.I live in the near inner city for me to put on a suit and tie and go out witnessing would make me less approachable. Likewise if I lived in an upperscale neighborhood to dress "street" would make me less approachable.In 1Corithians 9:20 Paul saysWhen I am with the Jews I become one of them so that I can bring them to Christ and in 21 he talks about trying to fit in with Gentiles to gain there confidence to bring them to Christ.22 He shares the oppresion of the oppressed he tries to find common ground with everyone so as to lead them to Christ

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