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Bring Down Satanist Site Reaching Out To Children

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I'd like to draw your attention to a disgusting thing that I stumbled across. I'd like to show you one of the worst websites that I had ever seen in my life. Someone might think Porn is the worst thing on the net, but it's not. There are far worst things out there for your children to stumble across than porn. I'd like you to take a look at this.

Whether or not you believe in Satan this website exists. Whether or not you believe in Satan, this websites message is “Your interest in Satan is a positive thing.” It even goes on to make statements like “It is important that you put aside all prejudices when coming to know Satan” and “Satan and his demons are not evil. They are the ones who brought knowledge to humanity.” It even says “True Satanism is becoming a God and having god-like power “It also says “Satan is different from the false Christian god and his nazarene (Jesus Christ).” Sadly the site even attacks Jesus in saying “the nazarene has a long track record of turning his back on his followers in their time of need.”
This site has become an outrage to me, and to fellow Christians, I believe that you too would be disheartened by such content. This site has become like my personal enemy, and honestly, I want to see it go.
If you don’t believe in Satan, if you’re not a Christian, this site is still out there. It’s still there for children to see, and its primary purpose is to draw followers into a life of Satan worship. Even if you don’t believe in Satan what if your child stumbled across this site, and decided that a life of Satan worship was a path they were willing to follow? This can have detrimental effects on their life.

As a believer I can say that Satan does not raise well balanced, loving individuals. He raises the greedy, the lying, the murderous, and the hate filled.

I’ll also say that even if you’re a non –believer, that not only should you reconsider, but in the least have an understanding for the negative effects that this site can have on a child’s life. Not only is it possible that families could be destroyed, but entire lives through the negative effects it can have on the minds of children.

I have a plan though, and hopefully one that will bring down this monstrosity. I’d like to ask you to join me in journey to bring this monster off the web before it affects more children than it already has. Remember it’s out there, and it’s possible that children will find it. You should hope that it wouldn’t be one of yours.

The plan involves spreading the word, and coming together as a fighting unit that wants to get this site off the web. We’ll work together to spread the word, and follow some strategic steps that I feel is necessary in order to get this message driven home.
Phase one of the plan is to come together as a single unit.

If you follow this twitter account you’ll see the messages and updates in the various stages of progress towards bringing this site down. I’ll also be posting information in my blog for those of you that don’t have twitter. I’ll post a link at the end of this document, so that you know where to find the blog.

Phase 2 of the plan involves signing a petition.

You can download the full PDF of this document, as well as the e-mail of the service provider, and link to this awful site. If you feel you’d like to e-mail their service provider right away it may be of help. The e-mail can be found in the PDF doc. I highly believe in strength in numbers, so please sign the petition, so we can work together as a unit against this site, in the event that single voices aren’t enough.

Thanks, and may our battle against this evil be a victorious one that keeps this site from perverting the minds of more children.
Thank you,
I couldn't post the links but a link to my site can be found in my profile. The link to the petition is on the first page that loads.
who hosts this site?
maybe we could also boycott this host/server.
make a big stink for the owner/s. lots of phone calls complaining. people just cant seem to cope with constant phone calls.
food for thought.

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