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Brian's family

All his family does is talk about me and Brian and all I am asking is for prayer that they will let me and Brian live our lives as they live theres and hopefully we will move soon so we won't have to hear it anymore. Thanx!
About the family

Thanx that would be great for me and Brian and they are continuing on doing it and I told them to treat me with some respect than I'll treat them with some respect. Thank you for the prayers!
Brian's sister Rosie & her boyfriend Jose

They keep saying we are getting kicked out of the house but its his fathers house. She doesn't pay the bills (Mom and grandpa does) and she always tells me to not use her water and electric. I have a cable bill in my name. Also I pay 171.00 every other week to stay there. They have jobs but they don't pay the bills and they have a baby girl named Destiny and they say we hit their daughter but we don't. Rosie, Jose and Destiny lets the baby take my things off the floor in the room and I can't put it high because they took the dresser and the tables so they can use it in their room and the downstairs. We take it from the baby and than she cries and tells the mom and dad we hit her and we don't. (THE BABY IS ONLY 2 YEARS OLD!!!!!) Is she supposed to do that???? Is the mother and father teaches her that???? She says sexual things about her body to Brian and I. Does the mother and father teach her that????

Love, Diana
Diana, it seems that there is a lot of confusion in this situation & God is not the author of confusion. Where are you & Brian spiritually? Are you saved? Forgive me for asking, but are you living together in marriage or in sin? Hon, back up & take a long hard look at your lives. First of all...if you aren't saved, why aren't you? If you are, is God first in your lives? He can't come after anything...He's first or nothing.

I am most certainly not judging you - I will pray for you. Understand that I only respond to posts that God leads me to & I write as He leads me. For some reason, I needed to say these things.
Brian and Diana are saved

We have God first in our lives but we are living with people that agree and fight all the time so that could be what it is. They have a daughter that hits people and curses too and also uses sexual words towards people and the people we are living with are always unhappy.
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Dear sister - it is hard when others interfere.May God grant that your love for one another sustains you and by your example may his family realise the blessings you bring to one another. Dont be disheartened - our Saviour is there to comfort and reassure you and love will triumph over malice.I pray they will see the error of their ways and come into the fellowship of the Lord. Amen.
Rosie and I got into a fight on Sunday

Every night Jose and Rosie come home from work we get woke up out of our sleep and they are physically fighting with throwing and hitting each other with things and Rosie gets beat up by Jose. So can you give some prayer to that and also Rosie and I got into a fight because I said to Brian that I didn't hold him because they woke me out of my sleep and I got scared so sorry for not holding you that night so I went to the other house and she said I am tired of you and Brian saying stuff about me, Jose and my daughter, Destiny and than she got in my face and pulled my hair badly and I had to go to work upset all day thinking about that I didn't put my hands on her until she put her hands on me and I kept punching her in her chest and she finally let go and then she went after Brian. Brian's mom didn't stop the fight she let it go on so what does that tell me there? Let me know that! Rosie, Jose and I don't speak at all now but Rosie started the fight and I have two bruises on my back and a couple scratches on my finger and my face.
Almighty GOD, our Father and Creator, pour your Spirit into the lives of Brian and Diana. Unify them in the name of Jesus, so that they will bring everything to You in prayer. Lead them to look to their Lord and Savior, Your perfect Son, who died to give them salvation, free from the prison of circumstances. Give them a desire to make time for You first each day, glorifying and praising GOD.
Bless them with renewal of spirit as Your Holy Spirit teaches them to abide in Christ, living always with eyes directed toward Him. Deliver them from the ways of the unrighteous. By Your grace, Father, protect Brian and Diana, and open their spiritual eyes and ears to hear You speak. Show them Your will for their lives, so that they shall have true life, more strongly with the Way, the Truth, and the Life each day. Take away the family strife from their midst, and make them to be witnesses for You, GOD. Bring restoration and the healing love of Jesus to rule in the hearts of each one Diana has mentioned. Thank you, LORD, for listening and being with us at all times. Through Christ Jesus, Amen.
Diana, Sapphire asked a very good question about you living with Brian without being married. That is not a plan God has for His children, we are to be married before we live with someone. When we are outside of God's Will by being disobediant there are lots of problems in our lives.
How can God be first in your lives when you are living in sin? That is confusing to me.
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Sounds like a mad house going on there. If I am not mistaken (not judging) Rosie and Jose are not saved? I hope you are praying for them as difficult as it may be to you in your situation - GOD expects us to pray for our neighbors and our enemies the same. I'm not saying you may look at them as enemies but you certainly are not having any comfort around them. I'll keep you in prayer tonight and faithfully believe the Holy Spirit will guide you all in this matter. I hope you and Brian are truly devoted to GOD and GOD is nothing less than 1st in everything in your lives. That's an ultimate factor in your walk with Christ. If GOD is not first, then life is simply worthless and miserable.

Be faithful in GOD and give it to Him in prayer. Leave your problems at the foot of the Cross and GOD will fix all things.

Philippians 1:19
For I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ

James 5:15
And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven
I will..

I will pray over this for all of you to live and act in accordance with God's will.

diana31483 said:
All his family does is talk about me and Brian and all I am asking is for prayer that they will let me and Brian live our lives as they live theres and hopefully we will move soon so we won't have to hear it anymore. Thanx!