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Break - Up

Why is it soo harder to break up with someone that you are engaged to? & how do someone get through that period of time? I'm just wondering thats all. & how does someone gets OVER the person that they broke - up with?
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Oh good grief, my heart goes out to you, Godsgirl! I've been where you are, and I know how horrible it can feel. I remember distinctly laying on my livingroom floor, bawling like a baby after breaking off an engagement. I also remember just pleading over and over "God, please don't leave me... please don't leave me alone."

My situation was a bit unique, in that I had to break the relationship because it was taking me down a bad path. Depression, self-centeredness, and I was wandering away from my faith. It was at that very moment, as I cried out to God that he threw me on my face, and convicted me of my sins. I confessed them to him, one after another, repeating and re-asserting my conviction that I am nothing without Jesus.

I cried for a long time that day, but I'll tell you as I continued to pray and seek God's grace, my tears turned to praise. I opened to the psalms and read some of the praise and thanksgiving psalms aloud, and after a while I felt a little better. At least the tears stopped.

It's a hard thing to end a relationship we thought we'd have for a lifetime. But there's one relationship we'll have longer than our lifetime, and a relationship which will not, even cannot, end.

I got through my time of troubles with God's help. Our Father coddled me like a baby, and He helped heal the hurt. Without Him I'm convinced I probably would have done something drastic. Thank God that He was there in my time of need. Indeed, is always there in all our times of need.

I hope this helps a bit, if only to reassure you that you're not the only one who's had to go through something like that. I'm sure your situation is different from my own was, (and not just because I'm a guy. :wink:) but God is eternal and he will be our rock when the storm is threatening to blow us away.
Get OVER the person you once engaged to?

How is the world do you get OVER the person ? What do you do to get OVER that person? Anyone have any advice? :rainbow:
If you truly love someone set them free,if they truly love you they will return.We have no possesions in this world.It is the way of the world,everything changes,weather,people ,circumstances.The only solid foundation you have is Jesus.The one meant for you will come,endure your saddness for now ,for it will pass away with time.I pray for your serinity,your burden of saddness will be lifted.