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Bird Feeder

Staff Member
Bird Feeder - August 15, 2005

I began visitingt a nursing home several years ago. So many of the residents spend endless hours sitting in chairs in their rooms or were bedridden, and I thought they might enjoy watching birds outside their windows, as I do.

I have been a bird enthusiast for quite a few years. I enjoy enticing the birds to our yard with good seed, birdbaths and birdhouses. I love to watch my little feathered friends fluttering around the bird feeder, eating to their hearts' content, bathing in the bath, and then just perching and preening; so satisfied. I am surprised at the variety of birds which are drawn to my house; from the smallest hummingbird, to sparrows, to crows. They remind me of people, each with their own distinct personality. size, color and age.

After receiving permission from the nursing home, my neighborhood Bible Study funded the project, buying window bird feeders for each person who wanted one. It was a joy each week as I filled the feeder, to pray for that person. I always hoped that viewing the birds would bring pleasure to the eyes of the beholders. I wanted them to remember not to be afraid because God loves them so much; much more than the sparrows, and that they are very valuable in His sight.

I am so thankful to the Lord that He knows each of us in a very personal and real way. I am thankful that we are of value in His sight although we may be handicapped physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Just a small act of kindness may touch the heart of the recipient in a profound manner. We must never neglect the tugging of our heartstrings.

Contributed by Marion Smith