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><>back to dance again><>

:arrow: This is a testimony of how God is still a live and making miracles happen today!

This is how God took action in my life for his glory!

He turned Bad into Good this is how it happened!

It all started when I was practicing for a youth talent show when I chipped my knee.
In the month of march last year when God was showing me a dance through the holy spirit to me. Meanwhile the devil was trying to tear me down for what God was showing me to in the dance he was giving me to dance when I would start to go out for his glory. After he showed me the dance steps. I practiced the dance three or four times so I could remember the steps better. While I was doing that I did this one step &amp; my knee like froze up or I couldn’t get up from the dance position I was in. So somehow I got out of that dance position &amp; walked it out. Then I did the whole dance over again. When it got to do that dance step guess what I did it again! I kept on doing it for about five times or more. After I was done dancing I looked at my knee that kept on freezing up when I was dancing. It was swollen!

So I though that it would go down by the next day. But the Holy Spirit told me to go to my mom &amp; have her look at it. So I did. My Mom put ice on it and called the doctor the next day. The day of the doctor’s appointment came. I was scared &amp; worried about it. After she had me take x-rays and some cat scans. The doctor said that I might have chipped my knee which means that a part of the bone from the knee was in there floating around in there. That is very very bad because it could hurt the even more! The doctor don’t know but she sent us to another doctor that specialist in the knee area of the body. So we went to the Kelsey Seybold clinic in the Methodist hospital. That doctor wanted new cat scans! So after we got the cat scans the doctor said I needed screws &amp; bolts in my knees. In 10-5 years I needed knee replacements! The doctor also said that I couldn’t dance. When I heard that I just blocked everything and started to cry because I love to dance! The doctor gave us a list of other doctors that are also knee specialist So I had to go back to school that day &amp; I was crying throughout the whole day!
One day we heard about the Shirners children’s hospital for burns &amp; bones in Houston , Texas &amp; is the only one in Houston! We filled out the forms and sent them in. When I got accepted into the hospital for a day of examination of my knee problem. My mom told me that there were a lot of patients files that the doctors at the hospital look over and pick only a few of the patients’ files. The doctor told us that it was more of an adult bone problem and they don’t deal with an adult bone problem. They just deal with children bone problems. The nurse gave us a list of another knee specialists. So my Grandma called all doctors on the list and see which one would take my health insecure. God has a real sense of humor. God brought me to my doctor because the doctor’s name is Lou and my nick name is Lu! What a sense of humor God has! My health insurance was going to be no good at the end of April so my mom called the doctor's and asked if they can have another plug soon. The next week I had appointment to have surgery! In all of this I had a lot of x-rays and cat scans!
Doctor Lou said that I needed surgery. So of course I was scared! I had the first surgery on my left knee to clean it out&amp; then the second surgery was on my left knee to put in the plug. The 3rd surgery was in the right knee to clean and to put the plug in. After every surgery doctor Lou said it would take up to 10months - a year to heal! After the second surgery when I had my to two crutches at school it was hard the first few weeks walking down the halls. Its was like going down a very long hallway that never ending one that keeps on going forever! At that period of time it was real hard for me to even make it through one day! At that time I was always calling on God's name to give me strength to get me through the day because my classes where all over the school. The is a two story school building. And then to think that I would have to do it all over again with the two crutches! After that I got so use to calling to God that it was easy for me to hear God's voice. I know that if God helped me get through the first time on crutches that God can help me again! The most painful time was when I came home from the day of the surgery which I had I pain box to control the pain. I could hardly move to room to room! God was there for me! After the 3rd surgery was the most painful because I didn't have the pain box which controls the pain for me! It was hard of me to get on the bus but God provided a kind person to help me to get off the bus!
After the surgery my knees healed in LESS THAN 6 WEEKS! PRAISE GOD!!!!! HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
All during this I was scared &amp; worried but I believed in God and he pulled through it. God kept on telling me to hang in there for he was going to bring me out of the dark and into the light! I don't know how I did it! But I know this : I got closer to God and stronger in him!

God called me out to his ministry field to be a praise dancer for him!

So you just heard the awesome testimony of how God took action and turned things around! God turned the darkness into light!
He is AWESOME AMEN !!!!!
Even the darkness will not be dark to you ;the night will shine like the day,
For darkness is as light to you. Psalm 139:12
Staff Member
That is truly awesome godsgirl! That is certainly one great praise report for all to read. GOD is truly awesome! I am struggling somewhat to get even closer to GOD than I ever was before. I feel like I am in a stale plateau spot right now in my relationship with GOD but I am trying to up it up to the next leve simply by asking GOD to do this, in Jesus' name!