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:thumbs_up Attitude Word Power GODS Power

Attitude is the first step to all ! Do we have an attitude of gratitude. How many of us walk around grumbling over little stuff that just doesn’t matter, “Oh sister so and so really offended me and I just don’t think its right”, We all get like that “well Lord I just want to pity myself for a few minutes I won’t be like this all day”. We walk around with this attitude stay out of my way I have a mood! Question: What mood should you have? Doesn’t the bible tell us to be like Jesus, he never let anyone offend him. Better yet he didn’t let the devil offend him, why give the devil any credit? Look if the devil can’t offend, you he can’t oppress you ,if he can’t oppress you ,then he can’t depress you. We all have these issues . Attitude is the first step we have to keep a mind like Christ. I tell my kids all the time that whenever there is an action there is a reaction, Cause and effect! When we are around people who aren’t saved and don’t know Jesus and they see a positive attitude all the time no matter what is going on it makes in impact on them. People all the time comment on Rose Ann and I and how we are always confident and cheerful. They even tell me they can tell we have Jesus in our lives. Attitude is power! We need to use that attitude in a positive way because we never know who is paying attention and it’s ministry to them ,both good and bad. Think about children from a baby, a newborn began taking on the characteristics of the ones they are around. If they are around anger they become filled with it. Keep them around positive and peaceful attitudes and they will grow up to be self confident and pleasant to be around most of the time. How do you want to minister to them. 1 Cor. 2:16 says we have the mind of Christ. Why don’t we act it all the time? Because we also have the mind of flesh. A lot of the biggest problems, and why we become an easy target for the devil to come in and attack, are our ways, our attitude, how we treat others and how we tend to gossip on each other. How sometimes we tend to allow the devil to plant this little ity, bity , pity seed in us meaning some one said something we didn’t like or didn’t hug our necks after church. The devil can only attack through our minds he is powerless so if he can keep our minds in flesh and not of spirit. We need to watch our attitudes. Keep that foot on the devils neck and don’t give him any satisfaction in causing a separation in the body of Christ we need to be as one and have one mind and that mind is the mind of Christ. Isaiah 26:3 says you will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you trust in the Lord forever for Yahweh the Lord is everlasting strength. See if you keep your mind fixed on Christ than you wont be losing your peace towards others we need to stay focused on Jesus the next step is Watching our big mouths this is one I have troubles with alot this is my favorite topic though! that is:


What is word power? Well right under our nose lays the second biggest problem. The root of all evil or the blessings of blessings, our tongue is a mighty weapon! This same weapon can either destroy you or help you. Its all in how we use it. I remember a couple of times my young ones would be constantly bickering back and forth I’d say 10 times “hush, be quiet”, finally I had all I could stand so I’d say sit there with your hand on your mouths and be quiet. Hey it worked. Sometimes as adults we need to do the same things we would stay out of more trouble. Think about when Jesus commanded the storm to be quiet, did he doubt himself, what was his attitude? Jesus' words were where is your faith? We have this same power through the blood of Jesus. We use ourWORD POWER! What we have is in result of What we say .if we walk around all the time saying were so sick than we will be sick if we walk around all the time saying were depressed than we will be depressed. We need to stop looking at the situations or symptoms or even circumstances we need to focus on Jesus and the word of God more. Just because you haven’t seen nothing or felt anything yet doesn’t mean it hasn’t been taking care of. ‘I have got prayed for this headache 2 minutes ago and its still there it didn’t work. Just because it didn’t happen right away doesn’t mean it hasn’t manifested, you see we are the healed we are the delivered the price has been paid for us already, maybe we should have started three minutes ago praising God for being delivered and Believing we received by our actions and our words. Think of Peter when he told Jesus to command him to walk on the water to him Jesus did and Peter did till he took his eyes off of Jesus. The minute he took his eyes off of Jesus was the very second he began to sink we do the same thing we get so turned on shouting and proclaiming while were here but the very next day where's our faith then did you leave it in your seats? Let me ask you this what kind of witness are you being out there around those who don’t know Jesus when you walk around all the time how sick you are, do you confess Jesus healed me shouting praise God I am healed by his stripes I can walk in faith trusting and knowing I am delivered. He says the same things in every area of our lives prosperity, healing, marriage, and strength. We need to put a watch over our mouths! Micah 7:5 says: Guard the doors of your mouth Pay attention to what you say to others, what are you showing them about your faith. Psalm 45:1 says our tongue is the pen of a ready writer. What do you want for your life? Speak it, believe it, receive it! Turn with me to Psalm 116:10 I have believed there fore I have spoken! When your faced with a struggle speak the scriptures that fits those areas then trust. Now for the final step: Releasing Gods power in your life It’s simple : trusting God. We want God to do for us but do we trust him? You need to pay your rent so you can’t pay your tithes huh? Well then your not trusting in God. So many of us get so worried about how we are going to make it through the rest of the week, oh God will understand I have to have gas for the rest of this week so I’ll only pay part, God doesn’t want us to do with out. Well if you would do what your supposed to do and trust God and be obedient then that bill will get met. Once again our attitude is a window for those who don’t know Jesus or do know Jesus but haven’t had the knowledge of what he can do or has already done. Jesus himself said ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find and knock and it will be opened to you, during revival when Brother Steve came I had experienced something that never had happened to me but many of you don’t know this but during that time I had reached a dry time, I had been standing and believing, confessing , all that I knew to do, but I just was not receiving from God my hours had been cut to nearly nothing, I wasn’t liking my husband at all, I was at the max! all I could do is just cry. I was so tired and had to be up at 2:30 for work the next day, I told Pastor I wasn’t going to come that night but the Lord told me to go that night I will give you the strength you need. Well I didn’t argue I came and man I had a break through. God had answered everything for me, I received this word , I went to work got a raise my hours increased and they paid me to go take a class to become a certified food manager. God wanted something better for me and he wants something better for you. But see if I didn’t trust God I would have missed what he had for me. Yes I could have gone on home and to bed which was what my carnal mind wanted but my spirit man wanted to be fed, and I was obedient and came back that night, trusting in God! See how God uses things to minister to us a little penny can go a long ways! God promised Abraham as many descendents as there are stars in the sky , he promised to send a deliverer to the Hebrews when they were slaves for pharaoh , he sent protection to Daniel from the lions and look at Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego what saved them from the blazing furnace? They told King Nebuchadnezzer that they didn’t need to defend themselves on that matter that the God they serve would rescue them and even if he didn’t they still would not serve or worship they’re Gods. Now that’s some faith and yet we can’t trust him for paying the bills, they loved God so much that they would have rather died then to bow down to any other God. They knew God would protect them. Don’t you know he loves us so much he will give us the desires of our hearts. Turn with me and with this I’m closing Romans 8:37-39 God does love you he will supply every need. Trust in him watch what you say and remember attitude of gratitude.

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Thank you for your devotional. It serves to remind us all that our Father is always watching our hearts, to be more Christ like in our walk. He sees when we struggle with this and that is when He builds up our character and strengthens us.

Your brother in Christ Jesus!
thank you both for your replies we do need to focus on the things of the kingdom and not of this world when we keep our eyes on the promises then we can carry the attitude of being christlike