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Wise words bring approval, but fools are destroyed by their own words. Ecclesiastes 10:12

Wisdom recognizes the importance of every decision. Wisdom understands time should be used well. It seeks advice, makes a house a home, and softens the hardest disposition.

Wisdom knows that personal opinion is less important than God’s truth. Wisdom is simply knowledge until it’s filtered through God’s truth. Get wisdom and find that it guards you. Seek wisdom and discover it in the pages of God’s Word. Follow wisdom and meet the Lord. Wisdom has rewards that exceed the possession of gold or silver. The greatest wisdom of man is foolishness when compared to the wisdom of God.

Everything you just read was paraphrased from God’s Word. If you want to become a person dedicated to wisdom, you will need to return often to wise words in the book that God wrote. It’s an instruction manual and book of encouragement, filled with words of grace, and it’s offered to enhance life, improve marriage, and deliver wisdom.

The wisdom you’ll discover will bring light to dark places, hope to desperate situations, and a way forward when the way seems blocked.

Make wisdom your pursuit; know and stop guessing; seek God’s heart and find that doing His will is the pinnacle of your life’s purpose. God promised to give wisdom to all who ask, so if what you’ve read sounds good, ask.