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Arizona's Green Plant

Staff Member
Arizona's Green Plant

- August 01, 2005

Recently I climbed a small hill; it was really only a large mound of dirt, eight or nine feet high. The soil was dry and barren and the scarce grasses were brittle and brown. There was one green plant on this mound, situated about two feet away from me. It was a lush little plant, singular in its green color and as a result, it caught my eye.

The small green plant reminded me of the Christian. They are few and far between, compared to the secular world. The plant looked so healthy and alive!! I knew it was receiving some special nourishment from this soil that the other grasses were not obtaining. Likewise, the believer receives something from God that secular people do not secure. All people are planted in the same soil (the world), but there is a great difference in the way Christians draw their sustenance. We draw from God himself, through Jesus, and we are given special nourishment that makes us flourish and helps us live differently from others.

Yes, the miniature emerald plant was different in appearance and substance. Likewise is the Christian, and I thank you, Lord, for each one who has received the gift God has offered us.