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Another step down the slippery slope...

While I suppose nothing should really surprise us in these Last Days when it comes to the world moving in the opposite direction to God and continuing to undermine the Truth and all we hold dear, what are we to make of this latest "taboo" to be challenged...?

Wonder how long it will be before this and other increasinlgy radical "alternative lifestyles" are protected by law in the UK...?

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The people of God must see it as
1. An insult to the Word of God
2. An anti-Christian law
3. Fellowship with evil
4. Unacceptable compromise for a Christian
5. A lifestyle that we can not accept or fellowship with (light must have no fellowship with darkness)
6. Political Correctness not Godly correctness
7. Something to stand against and to flee from

I could go on and on, but this will keep us busy for the next couple of years.
Eurosceptic you are indeed making an important point.It is great to understand,to tolerate differences of opinion,to agree to disagree.These days,however,it seems that you have to be very carefull every time words are spoken.Especially politicians who love to champion the latest vote winning cause.But people should stand up and say."I do not agree.We have lived with a good moral code that has stood the test of time and we want to keep it."There are very important reasons for being against immoral behaviour which often ruins lives.Immorality can not be excused.It disturbs our relationship with God.Encouragement should not be given to promiscuous behaviour as it seems to be now.We all know that bad morals are indeed a journey down a very slippery slope.Jesus is here for anyone on a dark sliding slope with a lantern in his hand to show us the way home.