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Anointed King Saul

Saul now tarried for seven days in Gilgal before making any movement, as Samuel had appointed 1 Sam 13:8; but becoming impatient on the seventh day, as it was drawing to a close, when he had made an end of offering the burnt offering, Samuel appeared and warned him of the fatal consequences of his act of disobedience, for he had not waited long enough 1 Sam 13:13-14

Can we still loose God's Anointing?
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I don't think you can lose annointing. In the case of Saul, I believe that God took his favor away from him and Saul could no longer hear God's voice, but his annointing remained. Throughout the whole book of 1Samuel, David goes on and on about not harming God's annointed...namely his enemy, Saul.
The anointing in the New Testament and that of the Old Testament operate differently.

Only a few select people received the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, and it often was only temporary, so that God could achieve some special purpose.

We are under the New Covenant (Testament) and as such every believer is anointed with the Holy Spirit. We do have warnings in scriptures however which indicate that we can grief and quench the Holy Spirit by bad behaviors and attitudes, but we can't lose it unless we sever our relationship with God and reject Him forever.