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- and + Christianity

There is a cancerous attitude in general that is sweeping thru the ranks of all the denominations! This attitude is robbing us of our joy and power in Jesus...

It is interesting how people stretch scripture to limit themselves from experiencing what Jesus can do today in their own lives...

The Jews said in their hearts "Jesus can't be the One, because
He lived in Nazareth...He heals on the Sabbath....so on and so on! They were reading the scripture with an eye that limited what God could do, thus that missed the very Messiah they had always waited for.

What will you miss if you read the word as they did...?

We must strive to read the bible in a way that increases our faith to accept all the possibilities and abilities of Jesus Christ. We must never have a single belief that limits God's power. Because Jesus is still doing even more today, among us, then we can ever imagine!

Me, I like to read the word with an eye that keep all options open, to the power of Jesus' love being poured out on us today.... So that I might miss nothing!

How we read the scripture makes a big difference.

How we pray makes a big difference.

How we feel about the miraculous makes a big difference.

Is everything possible?
Has God limited what He does?

one is positive
one is negative

Jesus is positive... not negative

If someone believes for example: "The gifts and miracles died with the Apostils."
then gifts and miracles WILL be dead to them...
the gifts and miracles WILL be known by those who do believe...

Just think of the fig tree and what Jesus said about faith... :thumbs_up

Negative Christianity says, “Joshua, We can not cross the river because there are Giants in the land! We might get killed!”

Positive Christianity says, “There are Giants in the land? COOL! Joshua, We gotta get across this river! I want to make a hat out of one of those Giant’s rings! After God kills em all, I call dibbs on one of their shields! I bet it would make an awesome deck on the house I’m gonna build!”