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An after church service meal

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A pastor just finished preaching a sermon on the humility. He gave a nice explanation on it and the people in the church liked it. " A great sermon! " someone said.
Anyway when everything finished, all of them remained for a meal and there were nice barbecue steaks for everyone. When everyone got their steak there were only two last ones left on the plate. A big and a small one. There were the pastor and another member of the church there. He let the pastor take first and he .... got the bigger one. The other guy so amazed at this said: " Check out the pastor, he just spoke on humility and here is he taking the bigger steak! "
The pastor answered:
" And which one you would have taken? "
" Obviously the smaller one "
he replied
" So? Here is it for you " the pastor told him.

Funny I think. But we can also meditate on what a true humility means. It is obviously something more to it.