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Amazing is the Word

I have been watching a local televangelist named Harold camping.His teachings are from the king james and he believes it is the authoritive bible.When he speaks of science vs The word I really get stirred up.Both of my parents studied and worked under Nobel lauriates.I am all to familiar with the shortcomings of science.But There are other perspectives to the issue.I would like to point out that Einstien wouoldnt have been so successfull had he not been an avid hebrew and prayer pupil as a child.The Book of Creation has been the fodder for many a discovery in the lab.The first book of the old testament is truly full of mystery.In psalms it is said show me wonderful things from Your Word.Now here is my point the hebrew scriptures taken literally are much different than the King James.Things are much more mutidimesional in nature. OF course one of the most overwhelming portions is that of Noach.It still gives me the chills and rightfully so.My dad taught me one of the most important lessons in the study of Life.To take in all the information and stir it well then sit back and let it crystallize.I would like to encourage anyone who has the time to buy yourself a Driver and Briggs hebrew lexicon and a good dictionary of hebrew.The best hebrew bible I have come across is the Jerusalem Bible Koren Press.Peace and Grace in YHVH JESHUA Christan888 JHS