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I Believe:

It's never been an easy process for me to commit to Christ. I would rededicate my life, but then falter (not to say I still don't!). But my past three and a half years in high school have proven to be one of the most difficult times for my spiritual walk.

My sophomore year, I fell into a deep depression. I went to therapy, was put on Paxil, the works. Then I met people who I felt "understood" me. They were all atheists, and I took their beliefs on as my own. Now looking back, those relationships only added to my depression.

Finally, one of my very close Christian friends, who I have grown up with, invited me to a revival. I was extremely hesitant, but he was playing in the band so I promised I would go. I walked into the revival and felt like everyone was watching me.

Then God just moved me. He brought me to deep, heart-wrenching tears. My friend, who invited me, prayed with me. He told me that God had been speaking to him about me. That night I truly saw God's mercy, love and forgiveness. God truly taught me that no matter how far I strayed away from Him, He still sent His Son to die on the cross for me. And I finally laid myself at the feet of Jesus.
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