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All In God's Timing, Not Ours

In 1998 God laid it on my heart to begin a Recovery Program through a church. In the last 6 yrs. I accually had church's snub-off this idea of having a bunch of alcoholics/addicts hanging around their church. Last year my family went through a devistating 5 deaths in one year. Although all of this was discouraging for me & the Recovery Program, I never lost sight of what God's will is for my life. The church I now attend welcomed the Recovery Program Presentation last Friday Night. It was a huge success. This has been their dream since they opened their doors 3 1/2 years. I learned that although God gives us our assignment, and backs it up with His confirmation, doesn't mean it has to be done right away. It is all up to His timing, amen? My prayers for God's will for me has finally came to pass, Praise God!!! In case you would like to visit our church you can go to:


Stop by & introduce yourself to a church that aint scared of persueing God's callings to His people.

May God's peace be with you,
Wow that is awesome that they welcomed your ministry to their church; God is an angel for the things I have today.

Thank you Diana, Is God truly awesome or what??? In addition to all of these blessings He has already graciously given, yesterday, (Tues.) He blessed my wife & I with a healthy grandson. Mother & baby are doing well. When we learn to recognize God moving in our lives, we see alot, amen? May God bless you abundantly,
Romans 15:7
Oh ok! That is so awesome that you are blessed with a new grandson and the mom and son is healthy.

He is blessing me and my fiance Anthony every single day as things go on and who we met and who we see as our friends!

No longer with Anthony

So I am going to be happy and get married to a nice guy. So that will be happy for me

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