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Age of Earth

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Age of the Earth: A Feasibility Study
Age of the Earth - Is it possible to determine such a thing with any certainty? The formation of the Earth is what is known as a "singularity." The event cannot be repeated in a lab and is not occurring in nature now. In determining the Age of the Earth, scientists must make assumptions that seem reasonable based on observable data. Certainty and assumption are contrary to each other. Therefore, the study of the Age of the Earth is a "feasibility study."

Age of the Earth: Young Earth vs. Old Earth
The scientific community presents the Age of the Earth from two distinct camps: The "Young Earth" advocates and the "Old Earth" advocates. There are various natural chronometers that seem to indicate either a Young Earth or an Old Earth. Both camps use such chronometers to back their position. They both claim their model is most feasible. How then will the dispute be settled?

Age of the Earth: Limiting Factors
The answer to the Age of the Earth question is found in "Limiting Factors." While it may be impossible to be certain when the Earth formed, we may determine when the Earth did not form. Limiting Factors are best explained with this illustration: A boat sinks. On board is a chest full of gold coins. As time passes, the wreck is forgotten. Centuries later, the boat is discovered, and the chest full of coins is recovered. How can we determine when the boat sank? We may not be able to pinpoint the date, but we are able to determine when it did not sink by looking at the dates on the coins. If a coin is marked with 1756, we know the boat did not sink in 1755 or 1730 or 1610, etc. It must have sunk after the coin was minted. The coin is a "Limiting Factor."

Age of the Earth: Factors Pointing to a Young Earth
There are many Limiting Factors limiting the possible Age of the Earth. Here are a few:

Magnetic Field. The Earth's magnetic field is essential to life on Earth for many reasons. One reason is that it deflects much of the cosmic radiation that destroys life. Precise measurements of the Earth's magnetic field have been made since 1829, all over the world. During that time, it has deteriorated exponentially -- that is, it has followed a predictable curve. By graphing this curve, we extrapolate that life would have been impossible before 20,000 BC (the field would be as strong as the Sun's at that point) and will cease to exist after 10,000 AD (there will be, for all practical purposes, no field left, and the Earth will be fried by cosmic radiation).

Earth Rotation. The Earth's spin is slowing down. We experience a "leap second" every year and a half. If it is slowing down, at one time it was going much faster. A faster spin would create a stronger Coriolis Effect, and life would be impossible as we know it.

Moon Drift. The moon is drifting slowly away from the Earth. If it is getting further away, then at one time it was much closer. The Inverse Square Law in physics states that if the moon was half the distance away, its gravitational effect on our tides would be quadrupled. One third the distance and it would be 9 times stronger. We would all drown twice a day. 1.2 billion (1,200 million) years ago, the moon would have been touching the Earth.

Age of the Earth: Young is Not Unreasonable
There are a number of additional Limiting Factors regarding the Age of the Earth that scientists are discovering on a more and more frequent basis. Interestingly, they all seem to indicate a Young Earth, or certainly, not one that is millions or billions of years old. Contrary to the general thinking of the last century, many scientists now accept that it is reasonable to view the Earth as fairly young.
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hi i'm new to this site and fascinated by what you've written about a young earth. I haven't heard any scientific evidence for this before. I have read a few astrophysics books that have explained a 15 billion year old universe and 4 - 5 billion year old earth quite reasonably. Where did you get your info from? and what would this young earth mean to the universe? a young universe?
(sorry if you've written about that in another thread, i'm just about to read them all...)
Dear Strypes, Hello, this is Parable here. I read your comment about the Beginning. The Good Book also says that the world was Void. TO NO PURPOSE, then the CREATOR using the unimaginable power of Omnipotence commenced His work here below. This is just what i Believe, I MEAN nothing else, and this is only a topic of discussion. My respect to you in the Faith.
Staff Member
From now one I will not delete the post but clear them and put [edit] with a description to why they were deleted, to avoid confusion. Sorry :p

God bless you
Like Strypes, I've always believed that if God speaks something into existence, then it is so. But I'm fascinated by the scientific data that supports a young earth. Thanks for the post, Chad.
Further Reading

For those intrested in further evidence, there are two movements you should be aware of. First is the older of the two: Creationism, or Creation Science as it is sometimes called. A fantastic resource for those of you interested in learning more about this movement [edited by admin - do not post links without permission as stated in rules]. The Genesis Flood, What is Creation Science?, and other publications of ICR (Institute for Creation Research) are available there.

The second movement is called Intelligent Design, which was (arguably) started with Michael Behe's flagship work Darwin's Black Box. It is important to bear in mind that while the bulk of creationists are young earth proponents, intelligent design proponents are often convinced of the old earth theory. Lee Strobel interviews intelligent design authorities in his book The Case for a Creator.

I personally recommend those of you interested in general apologetics read some of the books I will list below. Note that "apologetics" is not, as you intuitively know, and apology in a popular sense. Rather, it is from the Greek word apologia, meaning "a defense." In my personal opinion, the books outlined below are fascinating, make for great conversation and also equip the reader with an intelligent response to those earnestly seeking reasonable faith. Do it to the glory and honor of our Lord!

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel
The Case For A Creator by Lee Strobel
The Virgin Birth of Christ by J. Gresham Machen*
Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell
What is Creation Science? by Henry Morris**
Darwin's Black Box by Michael Behe
The Creation Hypothesis by JP Moreland
Intelligent Design by William Dembski
Creation and Evolution by Hayward
The Genesis Record by Henry Morris***

*This is one of a kind. Machen was a Princeton Seminary professor who was conservative in his theology. In this work, he sets out to prove historically in the virgin birth of Christ. [edited by admin - do not post links without permission as stated in rules].
**This book is worth the purchase price (.99 to 15.00) just for the tables in the back of the book that outline dozens of earth dating methods and their resulting dates. They are simply outrageous, and that is the very point of providing them.
***This is a commentary on Genesis peppered with apologetics.
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Earth Age

I cannot draw conclusions on Earth age; things like the Earth rotation slowing down and the moon speeding up (getting further away; the two phenomena are related) are definitely credible for a young planet and worth calculating further.

I do want to contribute a rather novel item that suggests an old Earth. There is a "natural nuclear reactor" site in the Oklo mine (West Gabon, Africa) that appears to have operated 2 billion years ago. There was enough uranium naturally occuring in one area that the ore went critical underground. It was moderated by rain water and slowed down when things got too hot. Rain in-seepage started it up again. It ran out of fuel but left a raft of fission products allowing several ways to date the activity. I provide this as further information for those interested in this topic - research it for your self.

BTW, another unusual thing I heard and checked out was the existence of 9-foot tall human skeletons, suggestive of tall persons in the Old Testament. Check this out as well - why don't the evolutionists mention these tall people? You can find internet sites that document these.
Staff Member
HI ccansl God bless you. Maybe the 9ft tall skeletons of the OT were the Philistines?

They were practically giants
Nine foot giants

That is certainly one example. I did not go into detail to save space, but certainly Goliath is a famous example, and perhaps the "men of renoun" of Genesis 6. Some try to avoid thinking of Goliath as so tall by perhaps shortening the cubit, but these skeletons are consistent with the standard ~18 inch cubit.
All knowlege is good.

All knowledge is good. Very informational! Didn't know about the 9' skeletons either.

In :love: of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD, the ONLY begotten Son of GOD.