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A Valuable Lesson Learned

All praise, honour, and glory to God. This past two nights I have been awakened with attacks from the enemy. Last night I learned a valuable lesson. I don't have these attacks very often now, though they used to be a frequent occurance, often night after night for weeks on end. Each time I would lift my Bible, quote the scriptures, call out to God, and eventually would find relief. The attacks would drain me for days afterwards. Last night when I woke I lifted my bible from beside the bed as usual when Father spoke. "Do you choose to believe Me." It is only when I actually say "Father I choose to believe your Word" that the attack ended. Even satan can quote the word of God, but he cannot say he chooses to believe Him.

It's not that I didn't believe the verses before, it's like when Jesus said to Peter three times "do you love me." He wanted to know if I chose Him.

What an awesome God.
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Thank you Sunshine for sharing your testimony. I really needed to hear this today. This weekend I'm visiting my dad and it is difficult. My mom has past away 8 months ago and not having her here is hard. Our family isn't really close knit.

Ever since I have arrived I was feeling anxious and sick to my stomache. Last night I spoke to Cricket and even this morning I spoke to some sisters & brothers in the chat. (Thank you dear friends for the encouragement - it was really helpful) We began to praise the Lord. I felt the heaviness lift.

Then this evening I felt like screaming - it was so weird - I felt like I was panicking again. In my heart, I just keep praying and praising God even when I didn't felt like it and that is the key. Amen. I'm starting to feel a little better. Jesus is the victory.

Well anyway - Your words not only have encouraged me but confirmed what I must do. God bless, you sister.

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Oh snowrose sister. Keep on doing that - you're so right about it being the key. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to praise Him, but believe me it is worth it. The breakthrough will come. He is an awesome God, and is faithful. I praise His name how we can all help each other here.
Thank you Sunshine307 and Snowrose, you both have ministered to me and to others I am sure.

Choosing to believe, and praying and praising even when we don't feel like it.

thank you both and may God bless you beyond measure.

:love: Calluna
thats really a testimony to how awesum God's grace and how strong and true his grace is!!!

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