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A true christian deed

Just a little story id like to share with you guys.My brother has recently gone off the rails in a big way.Ill not go into details but suffice to say as a result of mixing with the wrong crowd he woke one night to the sound of crashing.Every window and door in his had been smashed by paramilitaries as a way of warning.He recently had his car impounded and so has not been able to work, hence could not pay for the damage and has been living in a boarded up house.

He happened to meet a christian out in town one day and was invited along to one of their services.They are called the church of nazarene(i think they were called that,never heard of them)it was a lively service of praise and singing and he enjoyed it a lot.He started talking to one of the members afterwards and explained the way his life had degenerated.He thought no more of it just happy i think to have a listening ear and get some things off of his chest.The next day this member(who happened to be a builder)came around to his house and replaced every single broken pane of glass.All he had to say on the matter was it hurt him to see someone in distress and he was in the position to help.Thats the story,no miraculous conversions or such just an incredible act of christian kindness and love.