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A Prodigal Someone

The Prodigal Someone

We all have a prodigal someone in our lives. It could be a brother, sister, mother, father, and even just a dear friend we have been witnessing to . We all feel like giving up on them to . We get frustrated and say Father, we have already done all we know to do, Well can I tell you this?

Don’t give up. Be the one to put the ring on their finger. I have that prodigal someone in my life. The day she is ready to give up this worldly lusts I will be waiting there to put that ring on her finger. So don’t give up. Keep praying and believing. The LORD can and will reach them. We just have to keep being good witnesses to them and good stewards over GODS word, Because believe it or not those you see as lost God really doesn’t. He can touch their hearts we may not but he can. And believe me the best way to witness to them is by your actions. That’s what a lot of people watch for. To see how you conduct your self. I know I feel at times I cant go on worrying about them but the LORD says stop worrying leave him in control. You just keep ministering to them and Holy Spirit will minister to their hearts. I know someday she will turn her life over to CHRIST and its going to be a celebration when she does. And I will be there. So keep planting those little seeds of faith but don’t smother them out cause all you’ll do is push them farther away. There is ways we can help though, not financially or physically but emotionally and that is the best help you can offer them. We minister by our actions and our prayers. Let that love one know you love them and you will be praying for them and let the LORD do the rest.

Well Spoken ! I Love To See Brothers And Sisters Encouraging Each Other To Hang In And Always Trust In God . I Bellieve This Is A God Ordained Site Set In Motion For Us All To Be Free In Jesus , And I Just Want To Say That I Appreciate All Who Operate And Take Time To Write Down What The Lord Shows Them . We All Need To Be Stired Up In The Word And That Comes Through Life Filled Words Like The Words You Posted About Our Prodigal . I Pray That All Who Read Them Will Also Be Stired In Their Spirit As Well ! Thank-you So Much And Please Continue Inthe Work The Lord Has Called You To . May Gods Grace Be On All Who Run - Operate - And Pour Out Their Lives For Others To To Find Hope And Fellowship At [ Talkjesus ] . Jesus Is Lord ... Big-brother