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A problem with my husband and my in-laws

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I know you guys have probably received a lot of posts on this subject, but I just wanted to post something on my personal experience. I have a husband, which we have been married for about three months now, and his family is always in our business. He tells his mom EVERYTHING. We have two beautiful children together, and another one on the way. Now, when I speak to his mother on the phone, she tells me how depressed he is, about our marriage, and just how things are going here at home, however, he doesn't seem depressed to me when he comes home, however, when I speak to him about it, he tells me that she is right. Now, I am seven months pregnant. About to go into my eighth month. I cannot do as much as I would like to, and she tells me just the stress with me is making him depressed when in all actuality, when he was out there ministering to people on his job, and just people in general, he was telling me how he felt so much better when he was being obedient to God, but now all of a sudden, he let the devil push him back into his old ways with him going out to clubs, and , telling me he is going one place, and then when he goes out, he calls me up from wherever he is at, and tells me he is someplace else. Also, when I talk to him, or atleast try to, he never wants to talk to me, but whenever he feels like putting me down and telling me how much wrong I am doing, he never wants to listen, and when I try to tell him what would make ME happy, and ENCOURAGE me to do a lot more for him, he doesn't want to hear it. He believes all his job is to go to work, come home, lay on his butt all day when he's off, being intimate with me or go out by himself, he doesn't take me out or anything like that, he tells me that I quote the bible, but I don't live it, and for me to stop talking all that God stuff because he doesn't wanna hear it because I am the devil, when all HE does is accuse me of doing things that aren't even true. We just got into a big argument about it lastnight, and I had to stop, because I was getting pains in my stomach from the argument. I don't know what else to do. There are so many things that are behind this story, but I don't have enough time, nor do I have the room to even post it all. PLEASE HELP! When someone reads this and replies, I will tell you the WHOLE history behind our whole relationship, and maybe that will make things clearer.
Staff Member
Hello sister GOD bless you. I've read many cases like this as the one you are in now. I will pray for you tonight and rest assured GOD is awesome. He hears your complaint and frustrations and if you rely on Him, GOD will fix your matter. You just need to be patient and faithful.

Pray for your husband and his family as well.

Everything would be better if he was a believer but you can pray for him and leave it with GOD. Patience is hard at times but it is a requirement mixed with faith.
Thank You

Well, he just re-dedicated his life back to Jesus about three weeks ago, but he let the enemy push him back into his old ways... Kinda makes him NOT a believer, huh? He hasn't been to church, I mean REALLY been to church like I have, for a little bit over 3 or 4 years now. I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't divorce him and remarry, the only way I can get out of this marriage is if he dies, and Lord knows.... I don't wish anything bad on my husband, however... the Lord showed me a car accident that he was gonna be in, and a prophet came to my church the other week, when I was at church, and he told me that my baby would not have a father, because my husband was being disobedient and for me to dance and praise him(GOD) right then and there, and his life will be spared, however, NOW I regret it. He is very emotionally, and verbally abusive towards me. And has been physically abusive to me in the past. The last time he physically abused me was when I was six months pregnant with the baby I am pregnant with now. (I am going into my eighth month next week). Thank you so much for praying for me. I just don't know what else to do. :confused:
Gosh, I am so sorry to hear all that. That is too much on your mind with carrying a little one. Can you talk to your Pastor to come over and speak with your husband? you need support. Where is your family at? Can they provide emotional support to you?
WEll, my family lives in Florida, and my mother, I have told her about the abuse, and with ME, she tells me I can't come back home with my three kids. My husband and I live here in NY around HIS family. Sometimes I ask God if this man that I married was really a wolf in sheep's clothing (Considering the fact that he is the one that showed me the way to Jesus when I was depressed and out there doing what I was doing), then why did he allow me to marry him, and why did he use HIM to bring me to Jesus? Why didn't he warn me? He tells me other things, but why didn't he tell me about this? I am just so depressed. I haven't been getting prenatal care, I am due back to the doctors next week, and I wasn't going to go, but I spoke to my good friend/mentor who I've known for quite a few years now, and he told me that it's not good at all that I am not going for prenatal care, and that he didn't like the way I sounded on the phone. He could tell that things REALLY aren't going well. So, he instructed me to call the doctor's office and make an appointment, and I am going on Monday. He is also taking me out to dinner so that we can talk about this situation with my husband.
Well, this morning, I was praying for my husband, and reading my bible, and the Lord spoke to me, and told me to just trust in him. Then, all of a sudden, I felt his awesome Holy Spirit all around me, and I went into the bedroom where my husband was (I slept out on the couch that night, because I feel like I don't love him anymore) and The lord has used me before to speak to him, and he believed it before, but when the Lord spoke through me this morning, (The Lord warned him this morning to be careful in his car, because he shall die in his disobedience) he didn't say anything at first, but right before he left to go out with his parents, he yelled at me saying, Don't ever talk to me about that God stuff! I don't want to hear that BullSh** (Now, I don't usually cuss when I speak, but I knew what it was) about me dying, or else I will report you! I don't believe anything you tell me! ANd when I tried to tell him that it wasn't me, that it was the Lord speaking through me, he told me he doesn't care, he's not going to listen to me, I just told him, out of anger, that, "If you're too stupid to take heed to the Warning that the Lord has given you, then that isn't my problem!" Then he told me, I don't care! If God wants to tell me something that he would tell ME! But, God has let me know that he has been trying to reach him, but he isn't listening. His mind is so clogged up with all the worldly stuff he is doing, from reading a book written by 50 cent, to watching all kinds of worldly stuff on television, and he expects for his EARS to hear from God. He has had heard from God. The last time he heard from God, he told him the reason why he was at the club (He was at the club at the time when God was trying to reach him) was because he is confused. And I asked myself, confused about what? What is so confusing about trusting in GOD and no one else? But you know what? He is easily swayed. I cannot be with someone like that. I am not praying for death to come over him, I am not praying that at all, because that would be ungodly. But I do pray to God, and tell him that next time, when he is near death, if it is HIS will for my husband to die, then, Thy will be done, Lord. Because I really can't take him anymore. While I was praying this morning, I had a vision that he was in the car that he just purchased, and he was in an accident, and it was a fatal accident, and then I saw his family at a funeral, and I Was there in the front row crying... and my oldest son, was running up to the casket and tried to wake up his father, saying, "DADDY!!! DADDY!!!" Almost like he KNEW his dad was dead in the casket, but didn't want to believe it, and then I had to run up to him and tell him, baby, he's gone... Then he said to me, Mommy, what happened to Daddy? And then the vision ended.... I am literally crying right now, because God told me that MY HUSBAND AND I were going to be blessed with houses on top of houses, and so many blessings were going to come our way, but now because the enemy knows about what was promised to us, he is trying to do everything in his power to try and stop it. It was very weird, because I remember one day, my husband was supposed to go somewhere, and I guess he went, but he didn't tell me that he was going to Atlantic City with his mom, I HAD TO CALL HIM MYSELF for me to find out, and then after I got off the phone from him, I said to God, I feel like I am a single mother.... And then all of a sudden, I had this feeling, I like I really WAS a single mother.... And that was on a Saturday, THE DAY AFTER THAT, I went to church And I felt this urgency in my spirit to go to Church that morning, and that is when the Prophet told me that my baby won't have a father (The baby I am carrying now)...
And the crazy part about it is... when he was yelling at me, he had such an evil look in his eyes.... And after he left, I said to the Lord, so it's confirmed... he hates me...
Everything has gotten better since the last time I posted. We are going to meet up with my Pastor at my church for counseling next week.
Jesus Loves you

:rose: Poor Jesuslovesme. The only thing I can do is offer you an Our Father. I went through so much turmoil in my marriage and now I am single with 5 boys and it is very overwhelming. Jesus is the only answer to guide you through this. God bless you for being a beautiful mother. Please take good care of yourself sweetheart. I pray for you, that your Pastor, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will bring your husband closer to you. If not, we are all here for you with prayer and the love of Christ. What a world now, where did the faithfulness go? I really understand what emotional abuse is like Jesuslovesme. God bless you with the Shepherd to carry you and your children in His tender loving arms and to bring your husband back to His flock. Amen :rose:
I feel that you should stop trying to bring your husband back, leave it to God.
You need to rest right now.

Pray and let God do the work in him, keep a constant conversation with God, be sure to show your husband nothing but Love. He needs love and faith right now more than ever. As do you. He needs it more as he has no relationship with God right now.

Show your Godliness in your actions.

You need to rest right now.

Im so glad things are looking better for you.

God Bless. :love:
:love: :thumbs_up

When you are pregnant your emotions are all over the place, I will pray for your protection and the rest of the family. I will pray for peace and unity in your home. Stay close to the Lord he will direct your steps don't be anxious about anything,trust the Lord.


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