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A Prayer for help lyrics :Trevor

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Oh Jesus, what am I to do
All I want is to be like you
But when I want to do good, I end up doing bad
I'm so sad

Because you ask me, I walk the extra mile
I give my coat and shirt and smile
If someone slaps my cheek I turn the other one too
Oh what am I to do

Ch) Lord you are the potter and you're making the bowl
I didn't know it would hurt so much to make me whole
You say you are refining me like gold in a spoon
I hope you finish me soon

Lord I pray you give me grace to not cry out
When I'm hurting inside I always open my mouth
And condemn myself by the words I speak
Just because I'm weak

Ch) Lord you're changing my heart and renewing my mind
With trials and tribulations of the fiery kind
But the fires getting so hot that its melting the gold
Lord don't let my faith fold

Oh Jesus you are the Lord of all
And for my sin, you took the fall
So I'll carry my cross and run the race
If you'll just give me the grace

Ch) You overcame Satan when you hung on the cross
And you have the authority now
And when the world sees you coming at the end of the age
Every knee shall bow.

Oh Jesus
Oh Jesus
Oh Jesus, have mercy on me.

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