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A message for doggy


The Petition of Forgiveness


The One who Cries in the Wilderness

A petition, for all who are sacrificed, for the sins of men.

Rejoice, for as the Son, they too shall rise.

Father, It troubles me deeply to see the condition of mankind.

To see such hatred and carnage wounds me to my heart.

The conceivability of it all stuns me.

Children starving and abandoned is as a nail in my hand.

The pain, I cannot bear. How is it allowed to go on?

Though I have eyes I cannot see.

Why am I so blind?

I look out upon the horizon and only see the forces of evil.

The light flees from my eyes. I open my mind and say to myself, can I, already be dead? And, is what I’m waiting for, to be born again?

I have believed in this world since I entered it.

It is all I’ve been taught.

Oh, forgive me for I know not what I do.

How did I think that death, immorality, greed, hunger, disease and ego could be in any of your creations?

I’ am deceived.

For you, are not of this world.

I have been bound and locked in prison.

My gifts have been left behind in a different time.

I have lost my spirit.

The things in this world are as distant memories that eventually fade away, never to return.

But thou, are forever. I lament in my own imperfection.

And rightfully so, for I have not been planted in the good soil, but was cast from it, as in the Alpha.

I have spent a lifetime trying to make a perfect world out of imperfect thoughts.

The harder I try, and think I’m right, the more imperfect I get.

Why can’t I change? I, am in a desperate state, Oh Lord hear my petition.

Take the evil from my eyes and my soul.

Lift me up like an infant, feed and nourish me, bring me back to your world.

For I, am so lonely without you. I need your love to surround and protect me.

To open my eyes, that I, may see the truth.

That I, may be a fountain in an otherwise barren world.

A beacon of light, in the midst of darkness.

That I , may be your vessel to speak, and fill their hearts with truth, to touch, and take away their infirmities , to look, and see them with compassion.

These are the powers of life, the powers that overcome death.

Please grant me the wisdom and knowledge to use them.

To give my possessions freely for I own nothing in this world.

For they bind me to this realm.

For my soul cries out, my spirit fades with every tear.

Forgive me, nourish my Spirit, and help me to understand the ways of Life.