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A Lil Confusion

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by Wjohnson, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. I've always felt comfortable being able to come to everyone in here with questions or even personal matters at times. I never been ridiculed or judged for anything, that is why I had to come in here and get opinions from my fellow brothers and sisters...Ok... so one of the Commandments are keep the Sabbath.... now I'm trying to live right for my Father... I have a difficult time saying God Or Jesus... I have been lately feeling more comfortable saying Yah and eyes have been open to alot of things and I just wanna get you'll feed back...
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  2. If the words you speak come from your heart and your heart is given over to the Lord, why would you worry about which word you use for God or Jesus? Some people have no written Bible. Some people have written Bibles only in their own language. Then some people have access to the original languages along with translations to a language that they know. We must use what is available to us and no matter is available we must come to where we are always following the Lord.

    Without a doubt any two people are likely to be in different places on different issue about God and the things of God, but will not God know that and always take that into consideration when looking at our case?

    If you always trust in Him, you will not go wrong.
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  3. Beware sister. Keeping the Sabbath is a good thing... but.... beware getting caught up with people focused on that above other things more important. The 10 commandments were given to the jews to show them their inability to keep them on their own power. We are people of Jesus, not of Moses. The Sabbath is neither Saturday or Sunday. It was a day that was based on the moon phases that was used to record the passing of days in ancient Isreal. Make sure that you get rest, and make one day a week a day of rest. That's more than good enough to fulfill God's desire for you to rest.
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  4. The confusion apparently continues.
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  5. Amadeus has astutely redirected the focus here. It is not the methodology, nor the processes, nor the traditions, nor the presentation that matters. What matters is: A) The object of our worship,(God in Christ,) B) The sincerity of our worship. This is the first critical element to consider; and it appears you do have both of these things correct already W.Johnson.

    Second, as alluded to by Brad here; we are no longer bound by the Law to adhere to its every Word, but under the law of grace-righteousness and justification by faith in Christ rather than law-driven works. Please keep in mind how thoroughly and aggressively Jesus confronted this legalistic mindset in the Pharisees and religious leaders of His era. When we allow the legalistic mindset to dictate our perspective then we blind and obstruct our selves from grace.

    Third, don't let the opinions and preferences of others deter you from your walk with God. While we are justified by faith and not works; there is no evil in being dedicated to observing institutions like the Sabbath, baptism, the Lord's Supper, etc. Just always keep it in perspective that these are not required to receive or retain salvation; but are simple acts of obedience that highlight your life of faith. Paul went to great length in his letters to the Church of Corinth about not contending with others over the methods, practices and traditions of worship; but to redirect focus to the proper direction, passion and sincerity of that worship. These things being said: I assure you its a far lighter burden of faith than it is of works.

    But whatever works for you, I support as long as your heart continues to be driven towards Jesus! God Bless!

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