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A horrific Attack that almost drove me to insanity

I will share something with you. I have always been a Christian who loves loves loves Jesus. After my parents divorce I rebelled and at age 17 had a full scholarship for softball for college. I moved away and the new freedom had me go a little wild and I hooked up with guys, got a little wild. One day after my classes I took a little nap before lunch- broad daylight. I awoke to my bed shaking. I turned and no one was there. I dismissed it and closed my eyes and it shook again and I got as far in my head as ' Satan I rebuke you-" and something entered the top of my head screaming at me in a foreign mechanical high pitched vulgar synthesized sounding voice - I have no idea what it said. I ran from it inside myself; my soul SCREAMING for Jesus and that thing was forced back out of the top of my head. I laid there twisted and contorted on my bed, absolutely horrified. My mother was 360 miles away and she felt it happen to me. ( My friend told me that the voice would have spoken through me and she knocked on the door of the girls across the hall and they were doing a satanic invoking at the time) but regardless- I did not mean to give him permission. I didn't want that. Who knew that he can penetrate the very membrane of your identity where your soul resides and violate you in a way you never knew possible? I never knew that kind of thing was possible but those 6 seconds changed my life forever. I suffered strong sleep paralysis until I strengthened my faith and it doesn't happen anymore. That was 20 years ago and it only happened once, so I know it wasn't me! We have to be careful- I was a kid and didn't know I had opened a doorway giving him passage. I don't wish that on anyone.

those who overcame overcame by the blood of the lamb and word of the testimony. The Devil and his minions are very real. Jesus is the ruler of all Spiritual powers. you had it easy!!! Stung.

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