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a friend in need of God

Recently I have been hangin out and gettin to know a young girl who just moved in. I have started to talk to her about God and it seems as if shes open but still a little defensive to what she believes. i have invited her to church and she said that she would like to go sometime. But lately she has had a JW ( Jehovah Witness) come to her door,,, and because she always lets her in to talk they keep coming. I told her that having an open mind to any religion can be dangerous. Please pray that one sunday she will actually get up and come with me to church and accept Jesus Christ as her Savior. Shes also having a rough time with her Boyfriend... hes been treatin her pretty bad and its been hard n her. Thanl you for your prayers!!
jessi, the fact that yoyu have the faith is all that is needed. if you read matthew 21:22 "whatever you ask for in prayer, by faith, you shall receive". remember, it is all a matter of time.