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A formula for peace in our heart

(Matt: 5; 3-11) Those who know that they are spiritually poor will find peace, because, in their humility they will accept total dependence on God. Those who mourn with others will find peace, because, compassion will free them of selfishness. Those who are meek will find peace, because they are free of pride. Those whose only desire is to do God’s will find peace, because their selflessness will free them of anxiety. Those who are merciful will find peace, because in being merciful to others they will accept God’s mercy. Those who have a pure heart will find peace, because, they will see God’s presence (which is love in people’s heart) around them. Those who work for peace will find peace, because, in their work, they will be one with God’s son (who is the Prince of Peace). Those who are persecuted for doing God’s work will find peace in the midst of their suffering; because, in giving up their life for others they will be living God’s life.