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A Double Testimony

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Psalm 34:3 Oh, magnify the LORD with me,
And let us exalt His name together.

Last night I cannot sleep, so I rose up asking the Lord what to do.. That is already around 11:30... I grab my Bible and read some Scriptures... Then went on here to glean on some threads.. hehe

As I do read, I felt my chair is moving ...( LOL) and the place where I am is shaking.. So i realized there is an earthquake going on... I remember quickly, a friend told me few days ago about it, and asked if there are mountains surrounding us.. hmmm... So, I just prayed and interceded... That is already around 12:37 midnight... LOL i look up at the clock... While praying, I'm trying to figure out what to do... Thanks God, so far the quake lasted only a minute or two...

LOL funny.. after that I was able to sleep already!!!

I asked some of the brethren this morning if they knew there was an earthquake last night... Most of them said yes... My brother came this afternoon and asked him if they felt the earthquake at home, and said yes, and another one occurred 4am this morning... WOW!! LOL... my sleep had already been sweet that time.. :shade:

I search the web this afternoon, about the quake and it was recorded 5.5 magnitude right in the two islands north in our province... I don't know how strong or serious that 5.5m though but base on what I have read, it was already a moderately dangerous..:shock:...

I thank the Lord, so far no damages/casualties yet reported nor any occurrence of giant waves!!! Praise God. Amen


Another thing I would like to thank on the Lord is... this morning one of our brother in the Lord who was arrested with High Blood Pressure in Germany last December, was able to attend the Worship Service this morning already... That was two weeks before Christmas...

The attack caused him to be under coma, and we've been praying the Lord to reach him out there though he is very far away from his family... In that same period, his father too is under the ICU fighting death.. That brother should have been with his family first week of December but his vacation was postponed by his company, and that stressed him.. When he learned that his father is in the ICU, that caused him to get more stress, hence was attacked by high blood pressure.

The Church is very happy to know his progress as the week goes on with him, from Germany to his homeland, and we've been grateful to the Lord to see them this morning, attending the fellowship. Though he cannot move yet fully by himself, from being unsure if he would rise again or not, now he is able to stand, sit, walk and talk... We thank the Lord for the new life he granted again for him and for his full recovery soon... Amen

God is great!!!

God bless everyone!!!

In Christ Jesus,


I Praise the Lord you are safe!! The angels of the Lord are indeed shaking the ground from under a lot of peoples feet!( rom 13:11) is why. I also pray that brother find comfort in knowing God truly does love us all in him! The peace Jesus gave us is not for the future, it is very much for the present!( John 14:1).(John 14:27) We have this because as we believe in Jesus, we also receive what Jesus has given us as well! Past,Present and Bless God future!! amen!