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a bit about SmileBig

Hello I am SmileBig and thought you guys would be interested in a brief history of my life.

If you are reading this dont think I am anyone special but know that God makes us special through His love. If you have a need today God wants to heal you.

I was born in prayer as my parents are devout Christians and my names have a religious meaning (David - the Beloved of God and Stephen - the first martyr).

I was a good kid and never got into trouble was often picked on and bullied at school and folk laughed at me. I went to church all my life but found it boring as I went, sometimes kicking and screaming.

In 1989 aged 19 I had my first real taste of spiritual warfare (mum and dad are channels for ministry) and I listened as people were released from bondage. In that year I made the decision to accept Jesus (I only accept things when I am ready, not by persuasion). Before I did, the evil spirit within this person whom mum and dad were ministering to said to mum and dad "you're His, she (the person being helped) is ours but he (me) is sitting on the fence" Be careful as going to church doesnt make you a Christian.

Shortly after that (skipping details) Mum and dad prayed and what was like electrical volts passed through me. I felt like I had an electric shock and shook for 15 minutes. Then was a time of long waiting and learning from God.

last year after our church closed I left home and got addicted to chatrooms. I got hooked on secret pornography and my desires got the best of me. I never slept with anyone but was in error. Looking back it shows that we must stay in fellowship and close to Jesus. That is behind me since I found a Christian chatroom in July 2004 and started meeting online friends.

In January of 2005 (15 years later than my conversion) I got knocked over by a car. I got knocked off my feet and my elbow cracked the windshield but I only had grazes and barely a mild elbow fracture. God had protected me and honoured the stand by not seeking compensation.

I had a month off work with this accident and started praying online with people during this people. God used me as a channel (note - I am sinful, it is all of God). Several people received baptism of the Holy Spirit and salvation and dmeonic powers were removed according to the person. I have no evidence of these things but am sure that they happen in faith and I do get a witness in my body when God does touch people.

Now many people come to me with need and burdens and I always tell them to focus on their maker and to praise Him. Humility and love are the keys to our walk with Jesus and it is good as we are all still learning.

I hope this has helped you and thank you for reading.

God bless
wow smile
thanks for sharing. . .
good job. .. sorry for January. . .must have hurt
But praise God for your long way learning how to trust him. . .
Keep it up. . .maybe someday I will have strengh to share testimony too. . .
Good example. . .may God continue to bless you :love:
I am glad I met you. . . your sis in christ, peeps
Hello David , and welcome to talkjesus . You have certainly had a good start so far . I have one thing that is a concern to me . You keep saying you are a channel , and are used for channeling . I understand what you are trying to say , but channeling is not the right word to use . Before I go further , can you explain what you mean when you say channeling . Otherwise , welcome and have a great time at talkjesus.
Welcome SmileBig it is nice to meet you I hope you find this place as welcoming and helpful as I have. God Bless You!
Staff Member
God bless you David, thanks for sharing the testimony :)

I enjoyed reading it
Thanks again strypes ... I am glad you are here to keep me in line ! I am trying to protect the young christians who may misunderstand the word channeling . That is why I said for smilebig to explain his meaning ! Now , smilebig .... could you please , in you're own words explain so the younger christians can understand , what you mean by channeling , so the younger christians can also understand . Brother
No offence was meant by using the word "channel" and I certainly wasnt referring to the New Age movement interpretation of a spiritual channel.

I was trying to show that I was just a vessel for the Holy Spirit where He touched people earlier when I couldnt in my own strength and felt God has put a connection to Him in me via His Holy Spirit. Many things that have been done by Christians cannot be done in our own strength. I apologise if my terminology caused any doubt or offence :)

I am a born again Christian who believed that Jesus died on a cross, was crucified and rose again on the third day.

Hoping that clears it up and God bless you all :D

Thank you smilebig . God bless you , and see you around the site . Also , thank you Strypes for all the time and energy you put into making this site a great place for learning . I have to be reminded at times that people from all around the world are here ! Praise God for all he has blessed us with at T.J.