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5 Stages of the Salvation Process

I've spent 33 years thinking about Christ,, Faith, the Holy Spirit, and how they all fit into the salvation process.

After 25 years of seemingly thinking about this every second of every day, I had to get it all out of my head. So I put onto paper all the pieces to the process. It took 30 pages of detailed experience and learning.

The easiest way to share this with you is to just email it to you. But I'll try and simplify it drastically to see if your interested in knowing more.

The words I use are a lame attempt to describe something indescribable. So forgive my lack of communication in that area.

I've broken down the salvation process into 5 specific phases, things that must happen and happen in the correct order.

1) nobody comes to Christ unless the Father draws or calls them . So in the first phase if we are being called out, we are one of the lucky ones. Only a small group are called out from among a larger group of people who are not called out.

In this first phase we also turn in our mind from our way to the way of the caller. This is simply known as an act of repentance.

No Holy Spirit given yet in phase one.

2) phase two is where we respond to the call of the Father with our first act of Faith, our first act of faithing, our first act of pisteuo, our first act of surrendering our lives to Him.

In this second phase, a " genuine " surrendered life must be offered to Christ. If Christ deems our surrendered life as genuine due to the decisions we've made supporting the surrendered life, He moves us forward to phase 3.

No Holy Spirit given in phase two.

3) phase three is the testing ground, or what Jesus calls the parable of the sower. Here in the parable of the sower, three out of the four surrendered lives will fail and only one will move onto the next phase.

Note: If the Holy Spirit is given in phase one at a moment of belief, " believe and recieve" the 3 that fail in the testing phase would fail with the Spirit of Christ in them. I don't think anyone would agree with that. One of the aspects I was referring to.

No Holy Spirit given in phase three.

4) The one good soil that moves forward is moving into the grafting phase. This is where the genuine, tested, surrendered life is being cut from the old life and grafted onto Christ. The most important time in the grafting process is in the very beginning when the new shoot is connecting to the old branch.

No Holy Spirit given in phase four.

5) phase five is where Christ accepts the surrendered life completely. He does this by sealing His Spirit into the surrendered vessel, making the vessel and life His. At this point in the journey, it is harder to get out of God's will for that surrendered life than it is to stay in it.

During all the phases, the common thread is "pisteuo" , a Continually surrendered life. If the surrender stops, salvation stops. Even after we receive His Spirit we must continue the surrendered life. And at the same time, Christ is perfecting us, our surrender, our Faith, our faithing, our pisteuo.

To all that have a desire to know more about Christ, you are the called out ones. What I've shared here should be and will be a natural happening. I'm describing this denegraded version of it not to discover some new truth, but to rediscover this old truth. It goes back to the mistranslation of pisteuo I've been discussing with you.
Staff Member


I see what you are trying to put together and understand that you have spent many years doing so.

While some of what you present seems sound, it does have a few sink holes in it, which perhaps you are still trying to fill? Or have you decided to ignore them because your ability to jump has increased over time? Or maybe, that only giving a brief run down on your findings does not allow for a fuller 'explanation' ? [please understand that i am not having a go at you]

As you present 5 stages and the need to progress from stage zero [ooops, you left that out] it makes sense to look at each stage and bomb proof it properly, as you probably agree.

As suggested, there might be a zero stage, or even one before that? Would that be important, in this consideration you have presented? Surely we have to start from somewhere or can we simply plonk the 1st Stage anywhere and take it from there? Does the initial position of a person have any bearing on the Stages you present and if so, how? and is there somewhere something by Someone that should be part thereof?

I understand you are making a point between the English, 'Belief/Believe' and 'Faith', going by Greek usage in the documents that make up the New Testament. Do your findings agree with the same concepts or actions in the Hebrew Scriptures?

I remember some years ago looking into the word we use, 'belief', and found in it some fascinating things [for me, anyway] Do you enjoy etymology {study of word origins} ?

Bless you ....><>

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