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4/28/04 - Morning Devotion


Father, your word is the food that
Touches my innermost places
I meditate upon your works of old and find
Strength in the measure of your love.

No one can compare to the glory and might
Of your name and power
For true love is never outdated and is
The driving need of all who live.

Your divine love brings the peace
That passes all understanding
All earthly pleasures fail in comparison
So I rest in the hope of your promises.

Father I praise you for the newness of
Your mercies each waking day
And thank you for the compassion I find when my mind
Is troubled and weighed down.

For the enemy still comes like a roaring lion
I guess some things will never change
I still hold tight to the sword that you gave me
An aging warrior is dependent upon your Spirit.

There is no victory outside of your will so
The key is to find out what pleases you
So I rejoice in your word and the
Light of your love and guidance.

You are the peace that passes all understanding
So I seek the stirring of your Spirit
Teach me Father, till the day I breathe my last
For my desire is to glorify you!!!