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♥ Living, Learning & Knowing ♥

Jesus Christ does it again!!!!!

Some of you know that my mom passed away a couple days ago on the 22nd of February. WELL... This whole time I thought she had paid all of her funeral expenses & everything was taken care of... That was not the case. She only paid for the headstone but not the cremation. Soooo, my brother & I are literally penniless (without work at this time, bills coming in red & shut off notices are normal now) & my mom really just spent as soon as her retirement hit her bank. She took care of her bills & whatnot first but never had much left after shopping & all that. She was a retired prison guard through the state of Michigan. Anywho... My brother a Born Again of 24 years instantly became stressed just wondering how we were going to come up with $1,800.00 for the cremation, transport of the ashes blah blah blah (they REALLY stick it to ya even AFTER death the greed mongers anyway :( )

So anyway, We are told on Tuesday the 23rd the that we have until THIS Monday the 29th to come up with $1,800.00 or else nothing goes further. No ashes, no funeral, no nothing as a matter of fact we could get garnished & I understand that. They carried through with their part we should have to follow through with ours... As the woman was explaining all this to us I watched my brothers face just sink. The shock, depression & stress was obvious. As far as I was concerned I just didn't feel anything really. I didn't stress, I didn't get instantly depressed as I have so many times before I don't honestly know what I was feeling at the time. After she was done talking about the amount & that there wasn't any payment plan available she left the room to write up a quote. I then looked at my brother & said "Ya know what?, Here we are claiming to be god fearing Christians & we have doubt. We sit here & hold onto our faith strong til something like this happens. Either we have faith in God or we don't. How can we honestly tell others about the miraculous things Jesus has done, does & will do but instantly become stressed because we have to figure out a way to get $1,800.00. We're hypocrites if we claim Christianity & doubt God & what he can do at the same time. We'll have faith in him for certain things but doubt on other things. What is wrong with us? I'm not going to stress about this, God has control." My brother agreed but I could sense he still had his doubts. Now mind you, I am only a few months into being a Baby Christian - This is NOT my first time around but none the less I'm still a newbie while my brother is 24 years in.

WELL - I JUST got off the phone with my brother & guess what? My nephew married a pastors daughter & that pastor stopped over to my brothers house & dropped off a check in the amount of $1,800.00.

I didn't want to do it BUT I let him know "I told ya so". God placed this peace over me like I have never experienced before. No stress, no worry, no nothing. I'm just at ease WITH faith. I KNEW God would come through. He's came through with small things, big things & ALL things if we just ALLOW him to do HIS job. Worry will NOT add a single second to your life. If anything it will shorten your life. I learned today that you don't even have to be a senior Christian. You don't have to have years under your belt with God. MUSTARD SEED FAITH is all you need. Leave the stressing to God so he can give you a blessing.

Doubt WILL keep you down
Faith WILL lift you up

Wow! This is awesome....so glad you shared this!! Still praying for your finances. God is faithful, amen?

And... hey, hello :) I didn't realize you were a fellow kiddo in Christ ;) Isn't is awesome when we figure this stuff out and at times bring a fresh perspective to our "senior" christian brothers n sisters?
hehehe... I love God's sense of humor. Just love it.
Staff Member

I rejoice in your faithfulness and by this you have helped brother to grow at the same time. "I told you so" is okay between brother & sister!

Awesome, just Awesome!

Thank-you my God for helping your children in their need.
In Jesus name. Amen

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19
Yes sis; KEEP THE FAITH, Amen.
God is able.

Praise God sis, you stood up and was bold to speak forth what God put on your heart to tell your brother. Praise God your brother free a mile and you free two miles.
Out of the mouths of babes...

All praise, glory and honor be unto God. Amen
I lost my mother in December 2014. My dad in 1986 and my sister in 2002. I know it isn't easy dealing with loss. But God has been faithful. Much more faithful than me. Isn't it striking at times to realize that we worship the real God? We are so blessed to have hope and faith. God bless you Lord Knows.