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  1. Bethel

    The offer of Salvation is universal, but the application is only : "by Faith".

    - Often a believer can become confused about ...... "Salvation" ..... and how its offered and how its applied. So, let me simplify it by explaining it..... and then show you 2 key verses that will help you to clearly see a distinction between God offering The Cross of Christ to all, but not...
  2. Bethel

    How to go to Hell . Pt 1

    - John 3:36 defines every unbeliever, both alive, or dead. People in general, and Christians, many of them, think that a person goes to hell for : "a lifetime of sinning". Not at all. See, you'll die "in your sins" if you die a Christ rejector, but that is not why God judges you, after you die...
  3. Bethel

    How to get out of a Cult. Part 1

    - 'For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.' (Eph 2:8-9) ------------------------------- Read the verse like this..... "For by Grace you are saved Through Faith.: Stop. Now......notice this part...
  4. Bethel

    Having Eternal Life

    - If you are born again, then you have Eternal Life. You are not waiting to get it. You already have it, in you. - Jesus tells us, the born again...>"ALL that believe in Me, i will give you Eternal Life, and you shall never perish". This is a wonderful verse, because it teaches us that eternal...
  5. Bethel


    - Because Adam fell, ... we are born with a problem. And soon we commit our first sin that is related to the problem. We can't solve this problem. God understands this, and took full responsibility to solve it for us. God came into this world , born of a Virgin, and died on The Cross...
  6. Bethel

    HERESY : revealed and understood

    - Hebrews 13:9 explains the nature and perpetrators of "heresy". This verse also tells you something very True.. Its this.....if you do not do what that verse tells you to do, all the time, as your FAITH.... then you will become a victim of heresy and end up in a CULT. And you probably will...
  7. Bethel

    Do you want to go to Heaven ?

    - Listen, Your body is going to die. Do you understand this? Do you under this fact, this reality? They are going to dig a hole in the ground and put your dead body in it, unless you have it cremated. Have you decided on which? You should.....as you have no idea when that moment is going to...
  8. Bethel

    Knowledge or Destruction

    - Let me show you how to see this revelation. 2 Things stated in the Bible..... One in the OT.....says.....>"my people are destroyed for/by lack of Knowledge". So, in the case of unbelievers, they have a lack of knowledge of THE Truth......who is Jesus THE Christ. John 14:6 And they are...
  9. Bethel

    Your Salvation

    - Here is how to understand : Salvation. 1.) SALVATION. Salvation is a few things......... Redemption The Blood Atonement Regeneration. God's Grace Eternal Life A Gift Now, look at this that im about to show you, and SEE IT.... = spiritually. LIsten..... If you see salvation as you...
  10. Bethel

    Salvation Logic

    - Reader....here is something interesting. "SIN" didnt enter the world or the human race by Satan. If you have been taught that it did, then you were lied to, and you should not listen to liars. Now Lucifer/Satan/The Devil.... is a sinner, as he is sin itself. His nature is sin. So, the...
  11. Bethel

    The Disconnect

    What is the #1 disconnect between the majority of believers, and God, that causes and maintains the "sinning and confessing" lifestyle .....that is really a continuing Discipleship failure. ??? What is it? #1... Its very simple, and this lack of knowledge causes this..... Hosea 4:6. This...
  12. Bethel

    God's Blood

    - Lets look at Salvation. 1.) Having Salvation is to BE saved. Its not a process. Its not something you try to earn. Salvation is something that has happened that caused you to go from "ungodly" to "made righteous" as a "new creation.... From Christ rejector to "Saint", & "heir of God". God...
  13. Christ4Ever

    Handwriting Scripture

    Take a scroll [of parchment] for a book and write on it all the words I have spoken to you against Israel and Judah and all the nations from the day I spoke to you in the days of [King] Josiah until this day. Jeremiah 36:2 AMPC A scroll was a significant amount of parchment that was cut and...
  14. spiriteddove05

    Anyone Up For A Bible Q&A!!

    Just fort I'd set up this thread for people 2 come and ask each other questions about the bible, and just 4 people 2 learn things they didn't already know!! fill free 2 ask me a question!! and I'll ask u also a question now? where did the Ishmaelite's come from? what tribe!! and also what...
  15. spiriteddove05

    Exposing!! The Corrupt Counterfeit (NIV) Bible, Verses That Have Been Tampered With!!

    Here’s Verse comparisons between the (KJV) bible and the faulty (NIV) bible. (KJV) Matthew 17:21 However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting. (NIV) Matthew 17:21 ooopppss!! Zilch!! Whole verse missing, why??? Here we see an entire verse missing from the NIV...
  16. B

    James 4:5 means.... ?

    Greetings, an invitation, no strings attached, to join in here and share what you think James 4:5 means. Here it is in a few versions (English ones - there are lots of other language versions for the folk who don't speak English but speak their own tongue but i shall spare y'all and not post...
  17. B

    the Scribes, the Lawyers and the Sanhedrin

    Is there a danger that we might follow the way of the Sanhedrin, the way of the Pharisee, the ways of the Scribes and the way of the Lawyers? Is there some way of checking ourselves to ensure we do not? The high priest then questioned Jesus about His disciples and His teaching. Jesus answered...
  18. Kirby D. P.

    Belief versus Piety

    Hello. A friendly atheist here. A question occurred to me the answer to which I’d like a range of opinions from among Christians. This is not a “gotchya” question. I am not fishing for any right or wrong answer to prove some point. Promise. First, let me just say there are certain aspects of...
  19. B

    Could you be trusted to write what is dictated to you?

    In the book or letter to the Romans, in the New Testament, we read that Tertius penned the letter on behalf of Paul. See Romans 16:22 I think we can all agree that it was faithfully written as Paul dictated it to him? The Poll question here is Could you be trusted to write what is dictated to...
  20. K

    Jesus Message and the Old Testament

    Please, after reading this post, if anyone knows something that I may have missed, I wish he doesn’t hesitate to correct me with explanation. Point 1: Didn’t Jesus ‘update’ most God’s teachings on the Old Testament and, therefore, let them be 'obsolete'? Some of the many clear examples of...