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  1. Bethel

    JESUS : Is Alive

    Jesus : is Risen = =
  2. Bethel

    The GAY : Agenda

    All are familiar with this phrase. "Love the sinner, hate the sin". So, regarding human sexuality... it is a fact that God does not accept or condone, homosexuality. Also, there is a lot of discussion regarding....>"are they born this way". ??? Now, here is what to think about that.. Gays...
  3. Bethel

    3 Things : About The Cross

    The Cross : 1.) Is where God and Man may meet and become "One" Spiritually. The Cross is the Eternal Gateway which allows any and all sinners to enter God's Kingdom, forever. The Preaching of the Cross: 2.) Is how God calls mankind to "come and become ONE with ME". The "Preaching of the...
  4. Bethel

    How To : Avoid the Cults

    Reader.. A born again Christian has to start with this verse... and it has to become their Faith. Hebrews 13:9 Try to use the KJV on this one... What is that verse teaching......???? We come To God, based on Christ's finished work on the Cross. He DIED so that we can become forgiven all...
  5. Bethel

    Does God know everything? Beware of Calvinism

    Does God "know" everything? A.) Yes This is the "fore-Knowledge" of God... or... God knowing be-fore it happened, what will happen, next. Does God cause everything to happen, that happens? A.) NO And THAT Reader, is where John Calvin failed to understand that God's knowing everything, is...
  6. Bethel

    About that Sin...

    Reader, If you have sin, you are not forgiven. = thats why you have it. If you have sin, you are not born again yet, or you would not have any. So, Christ has your sin, or you have it, Reader. No other option is available. See Jesus on the Cross for the final answer. Think on that,..... as...
  7. Bethel

    Under Grace : How ??

    Reader, This short Thread will help you to spot people who do not understand Salvation, and whose Theology opposes God's Grace. And, it'll help you if you worry about "sin". A.) Jesus said from The Cross... "IT <...... is finished" So, what is "it"? ? ? Let me show you from the word. 1.)...
  8. V

    Gehenna Hell - The punishment of the wicked knows no end!

    The Biblical Hell we should be vitally concerned about is "Gehenna" a place of punishment, torment and destruction also referred to as the Lake of Fire and the Second Death. This awful place was not intended for people originally but for the devil and his angels. Matthew 25:41 Then he will say...
  9. Bethel

    How to deny the Cross..

    - A Cross denier is someone who does not believe that the finished work of Jesus on the Cross, keeps you saved. They will deny that Jesus keeps you saved. And, as the means by which He did, happened on the Cross, then to deny that Jesus keeps you saved is to deny The Cross. "Theology is the...
  10. Bethel

    Go and sin no more..

    Paul teaches us that the born again are dead to sin and alive to God. How did that happen? It happened because the old man, the body of sin, is dead....= crucified with Christ. So, how can we live any longer "therein", Paul asks. Here is what you'll discover... that the Cult of OSAS who...
  11. Bethel

    The offer of Salvation is universal, but the application is only : "by Faith".

    - Often a believer can become confused about ...... "Salvation" ..... and how its offered and how its applied. So, let me simplify it by explaining it..... and then show you 2 key verses that will help you to clearly see a distinction between God offering The Cross of Christ to all, but not...
  12. Bethel

    How to get out of a Cult. Part 1

    - 'For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.' (Eph 2:8-9) ------------------------------- Read the verse like this..... "For by Grace you are saved Through Faith.: Stop. Now......notice this part...
  13. Bethel

    Power to become

    - John 1:12 says.. """""But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name"""" Reader.....Notice the condition to receive this Power from God that IS the "power to BECOME a Son of God". The condition is..."received Him". Who...
  14. Bethel

    You : Shall never perish

    - Jesus says.....'"and you shall never perish". The "You" there, is all the born again, who are the : "predestined elect". Faith elects, God saves. Every born again person is predestined to be conformed into the Image of Christ. Are you born again? Then that is you. You gave God your faith, by...
  15. Bethel

    JESUS : IS Alive

  16. Bethel

    When is it time to give : money

    - The correct answer is not "donating". The correct answer is "giving". People, usually Christians, want to give, but can get "tied up" over-thinking the process. Alway remember..... everything you have, including your life, belongs to God. Your money. Your family. Your breath. So, when you...
  17. Bethel

    The "chosen vessel"

    - Jesus IS the TRUTH....... John 14:6 Paul , is the "chosen vessel", who is an apostle, called to deliver to the gentiles, "The Gospel of the Grace of God". and Church doctrine. Jesus is your Savior, and Paul is your example. Paul said..>"be a follower of me, as i follow Christ". No other...
  18. Bethel

    Living in REAL Faith

    - Lets look at a few verses that deal with growing in Grace as = how to effectively "work out your salvation"> 1.)""" leaving the first principles""" Reader....The bible is a progressive reveal. Its God revealing Himself, and its God's showing you how He deals with mankind from beginning to...
  19. Bethel

    From the desk of : Joe Biden

    - Biden Says U.S. Killed ISIS Leader in Rare Syria Operation = ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi exploded a bomb that killed him and his family once he was surrounded, a senior U.S. official said Feb. 3, 2022 2:58 PM U.S. President Joe Biden said on Thursday ISIS leader Abu...
  20. Bethel

    Not by works

    - - When the Cross was raised, with God on it, shedding His blood for "all who will come"..or as Jesus told you.....>"If I be lifted up, i will draw all men to me".. And How does God as Christ on the Cross "draw all men" ......= John 3:16-17 He Sent PAUL......in "the time of the Gentiles" that...