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  1. Sunny

    Kingdom Life - Walking With The Power Of God - Part 3

    Holy Spirit can lead you to places for cool things to happen. This is how much authority we really have.
  2. Sunny

    Kingdom Life - Walking With The Power Of God - Part 1

    When you have the holy spirit in you, you walk with power and authority over all things. Even commanding a leg to grow out.
  3. Sunny

    Miracles and Healings

    Hey guys, Me and my friend decided to make videos of healings to show that Jesus is real. We were guided by the Holy Spirit of where to go and where to stand. Please check these out. Part 1: Part 2:
  4. Waggles

    All Mothers Had Died In Similar Cases

    Testimony to miraculous healing by the power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit - from Ann Timi of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. In September 1997 I was three months pregnant and feeling very well, when suddenly I started bleeding and lost a lot of blood. The doctors scanned my baby and found...