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All Mothers Had Died In Similar Cases

Testimony to miraculous healing by the power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit - from Ann Timi of Port Moresby,
Papua New Guinea.
In September 1997 I was three months pregnant and feeling very well, when suddenly I started bleeding and lost a lot of blood. The doctors scanned my baby and found that it was outside the uterus.
Even though I was a churchgoer I felt worried I was dying soon. I rang up my husband and he mentioned there were people from the Revival Fellowship who pray for people and they get healed. I was so scared, thinking, "If the doctors have the knowledge, and they said in all other cases of this type the mothers had died, how will God heal me?"
So I said, “OK, but remember that by 11 a.m. tomorrow I will be dead. I have only 24 hours to live”. I asked to leave the hospital and had to sign a paper to say that if anything happened, they were not responsible. I went home.
In Mt Hagan at 7p.m. they prayed for me, and the bleeding stopped. At 9a.m. the next day the doctor scanned me, and now the baby was inside the womb! I could see my baby too. Five doctors saw it and asked how it happened, so I told them God did it.
They just observed me in hospital for three months and then sent me home. I got baptised by immersion and received the Holy Spirit on the eleventh of January 1998.
Two months later I came back to deliver. I had six doctors at my bedside and I delivered normally on the eighteenth of March 1998. They couldn't believe it.
I told them God did it, and they believed it.
Sister Ann Timi, Port Moresby, PNG

http://miracles.areonthe.net/TESTIM...IMONY Posters/Ann Timi, Port Moresby, PNG.pdf


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