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  1. B

    Hello. A problem. (from a Wiccan)

    Hello friends! I have a lot to say for my first and most likely last post as this is a question. That sounded weird. Ok anyways, I wanted to say that I came here to talk to Christians about my faith, sexuality, and how it has impacted my relationships. And btw, no, I have came here to try and...
  2. Alice K.

    The Joy That Came

    When I was little the subject of God was point blank in my family. I had questions. My family was worried about me, they were concerned and wanted to help me. I was embarrassed I showed my doubts at all, but they always did their best to answer me. Still I was unsettled. My next questions came...
  3. Alice K.

    Hello! Thank God He had me find this, it seems like a very nice and extremely help filled website!

    Hello! Thank God He had me find this, it seems like a very nice and extremely help filled website! I would like to make friends who understand a life for Jesus and His amazing Love, who knows what it's like to be young and growing up in faith today. Sometimes I feel unencouraged so I'd like to...
  4. Chanel

    Need More Christian Friends

    Over the past few years, I've been going through A LOT. I recently got to a point where I am in need of more Christian friends to talk to on a regular basis. I'm a single mom with 2 small boys and I am living back in my hometown (Milwaukee, WI). Most of my friends no longer live in the city and...
  5. Mikayla

    New Member!/Need New Friends

    Hello! My name is Mikayla and I thought i'd give this site a try(: I thought it would be a good way to meet new people so heres a shortened game of 20 questions so I can get to know some of you better -- 1. Name? 2. Where are you from? 3. Favorite hobbies/activites? 4. Favorite bible verse? 5...