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Hello. A problem. (from a Wiccan)

Hello friends!
I have a lot to say for my first and most likely last post as this is a question. That sounded weird. Ok anyways, I wanted to say that I came here to talk to Christians about my faith, sexuality, and how it has impacted my relationships. And btw, no, I have came here to try and convert cause I am happy as of now.
My problem:
I came out as gay to my friend and later emailed them about being a wiccan. (No, I dont fancy them) They took it good for like all the whole time. Until a few weeks ago. So what happened is that they went to talk to their other friend in private and I was fine and drew in my notebook and stuff. Then she came back (I should also mention both their family is against gays, and I mean they hate me, and against my religion. Her other friend is also like that too.) and simply passed me a NOTE that said, and I quote "Im sorry. We cant be friends because being gay and being wiccan is a sin because the bible said so and my other friend basically hates you. Sorry." And I was extremely sad. Like sad enough that I started crying so much I went to the guidance counselor. My religion and sexuality like never impacted our relationship. I never mentioned it, honest. And I don't understand. She chose her over me when her other friend basically tore her apart (witnessed it firsthand) and threatened to beat her up if she spoke to me.
Its summer now. I have moved on, but still miss her. I have her email and number. I want to message her every day. It seems normal but its like that deja vu stuff.
Can anyone explain why she did it? Im a pretty innocent person (on the outside, atleast) and I never spoke of bad things or my religion to her. I didn't mind when she spoke of her religion. I never spoke of my gayness except when we talked of who we fancied but that's it. It never seemed to make her uncomfortable, and Im pretty good at predicting people. She was calm near me.
Please, help me. Explain why this mattered so much to her.
Explain why her other mean friend mattered more to her.
Why? Please.
Blessed Be,
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus Blu!
Though you are not a believer in Christ Jesus, all are welcome. If understanding is what you seek, it appears that you know enough about Christianity, but not enough to understand that those who profess to be ones, don't always act in a manner by which anyone could tell! :(

For some, it's not about choosing your friends, but rather to whom you belong to. The Christian in truth belongs to God and not to the world or ourselves. Doesn't make sense to you does it? That is part of it. So, mistakenly others will choose to be with those that don't necessarily treat us rightly, but who profess the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. For it is that bond that makes us Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus. Though in outward appearances it might be better with someone who doesn't know the Lord, but would treat them lovingly, at least this is how much of the World sees love and relationships.

We are all sinners Blu and have fallen short of the Glory of God. Meaning that there is nothing in our actions which would/should bring us any closer to God. Our best efforts really are filthy rags to God. Doesn't mean that the person seeking Him, doesn't amount to anything. For surely He will those who seek Him whole heartedly, know Himself to them.

When you realize that God, in Spirit came in the Flesh, Jesus Christ, and died for you, personal. This hits you when you can see that in reality that there is no good thing in you that He should have done this, no logical reason what so ever. You in accepting this come to the realization that He is more important than all other things in your life. Everything else should be secondary to Jesus Christ. This doesn't mean that you love others less, in fact, you wind up loving them even more! Because you are starting to understanding what the Love of God means, which is a perfect love, and one that you are able to grow to the point of sharing with others! In fact you want to share with others.

Would you be reading these words, if she hadn't made the decision she had made? :) God works in mysterious ways to get our attention and to hear what we might not have sought out on our own.

Realize everyone should they desire not to change, or in your chase are happy as you are. There is a limit to sharing a life with you a believer can do. We are just not compatible. You and her are going in opposite directions. If this person who you care about starting to tell you about the Gospel and wanted you to understand why she believes as she believes. Would that be enough to have you seek Jesus? Knowing that all He would ask of you is everything?

Think on this and you will have your answer. Though she might not be able to verbalize it as such. Not all who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, know exactly how to say it. However, we who believe understand.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Staff Member

when you become a Christian remember how that sort of treatment affected you in the way you treat others.

Bless you ....><>