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derek prince

  1. Chad

    video Derek Prince: Powerful Sermon

    A powerful sermon by the late evangelist Derek Prince
  2. Chad

    audio Enjoying True Peace of Mind

    In the world today there are ever increasing, never diminishing pressures. As you listen today you will hear Derek explain how to become free from this kind of torment, and on the heels of that, he will explain “How to Enjoy True Peace of Mind.” These two topics fit together like the two...
  3. Chad

    audio The Grace of Giving

    By: Derek Prince Things are set in motion by our giving. And the proportion we give determines the proportion we receive. As Jesus says, “Whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return.” Today, in “God’s Plan for Your Money,” Derek will share how the spiritual key to...
  4. Chad

    audio Your Worth to GOD

    I listened to this sermon today. It's another great and beautiful message from Derek about God's undeserved, unconditional love for each and every one of us. Listen to this and please share with others on your social media feeds. Let’s listen today as Derek continues to bring to light...
  5. Chad

    audio God Wants Us to Pray & Get What We Pray For

    Amazing sermon by Derek Prince. Only 25 minutes long. Trust me when I say, worth the listen! This message is one that could well revolutionize your prayer life! Listen and discover that God’s ability to answer our prayers goes exceeding, abundantly beyond all that we ask or think. It begins by...
  6. Chad

    audio Process of Pruning & Results of Bearing Fruit

    Great sermon by Derek Prince.