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  1. B

    What are the Father's Commandments?

    “If ye keep My commandments, ye shall abide in My love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in His love.” John 15:10 As the Father hath loved Me, so have I loved you: continue ye in My love. If ye keep My commandments, ye shall abide in My love; even as I have kept My...
  2. Bethel

    Power to become

    - John 1:12 says.. """""But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name"""" Reader.....Notice the condition to receive this Power from God that IS the "power to BECOME a Son of God". The condition is..."received Him". Who...
  3. Bethel

    Having Eternal Life

    - If you are born again, then you have Eternal Life. You are not waiting to get it. You already have it, in you. - Jesus tells us, the born again...>"ALL that believe in Me, i will give you Eternal Life, and you shall never perish". This is a wonderful verse, because it teaches us that eternal...
  4. Bethel


    - Because Adam fell, ... we are born with a problem. And soon we commit our first sin that is related to the problem. We can't solve this problem. God understands this, and took full responsibility to solve it for us. God came into this world , born of a Virgin, and died on The Cross...
  5. Bethel

    Not by works

    - - When the Cross was raised, with God on it, shedding His blood for "all who will come"..or as Jesus told you.....>"If I be lifted up, i will draw all men to me".. And How does God as Christ on the Cross "draw all men" ......= John 3:16-17 He Sent PAUL......in "the time of the Gentiles" that...
  6. Bethel

    Salvation is = Eternal Life as born again.

    - Here is Christ's personal guarantee of Salvation. Jesus said...>"all that believe in me.....i give unto them Eternal Life, and they shall never perish". And how does that happen? A.) "Christ in you the hope of Glory. And how do you get that? Jesus says...>"you must be born again"., and...
  7. Bethel

    The 2nd Birth is a must have

    - Jesus said.....>"you must be born AGAIN". Jesus teaches........there is the 1st birth, where you as a baby, are born of water......... your mother's water breaks, and you come out of her womb. This is "born of water" the 1st Birth. Jesus then says...."you must be...
  8. Bethel

    You are not the container.

    - Reader.. Inside you, is the real you. Your body is not the real you... Your body is the container, that the real you......your SPIRIT......lives inside. This Spirit, is eternal, and your body will die and be buried or cremated. Have you decided on which, reader? Be thinking about what you...
  9. Bethel

    Born Again = all sin forgiven

    - Does a person need to confess their sin, so that the blood of Jesus is shed for them again and again, every time they sin, again? A.) No. This particular theology that you probably have been taught, by a unsaved Legalist, is based on them misapplying 1st John as this idea.. "as long as i...
  10. Bethel

    Who is a child of The Light ?

    - Let me show you something interesting. When a person is born again......they are "translated from Darkness.....TO LIGHT" See that? See ...." TO Light" ? ???? "Translated INTO"........>"TO LIGHT.........= to become a part of........... This is why the born again are "The Children of THE...
  11. Sue J Love

    Not as Cain

    Monday, February 27, 2017, 11:18 p.m. – The Lord Jesus put in mind the song “Seek the Lord.” Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read 1 John 3:11-24 (NASB). Everyone who Hates (vv. 11-17) For this is the message which you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another; not...
  12. Sue J Love

    It is Good for Me

    Friday, November 4, 2016, 3:45 a.m. – The Lord Jesus put in mind the song “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read Psalm 119:65-72 (ESV). Knowledge and Good Judgment (vv. 65-66) You have dealt well with your servant, O Lord, according to your word...
  13. Sue J Love

    In Keeping Them

    In this day and age, countless numbers of people in the world have lost the awe of God, i.e. the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. It has been my observation that numerous people in our day have become too casual about God, including many among those who profess the name of...
  14. Sue J Love

    God's Great Commands

    “Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question: “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all...
  15. Chad

    Punishment for Parent's Sin / Exodus 20:5-6 Study

    RSB Study Notes jealous. When used of God, this word describes His passion for His holy name, a zeal that demands the exclusive devotion of His people. It is employed when that claim is threatened by other deities (Deut. 6:15; Josh. 24:19). third and the fourth generation. The longest span of...