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christian music

  1. emanuel88

    What type of music is in the bible, difference the music and know what God said is he's music and from the world's music ?

    What music is from God and world music is mistaken. What did he told use the music he wants and instruments ? The bible says what he told us since the time of the bible. Using harps and trumpets he told Israel to use them. How to know the violin, saxophone, and piano some are the...
  2. Joanna

    Ben Fuller "Who I am"

    Great album and inspiring testimony
  3. B

    Parable Song - Seeds

    ============================= The Lord stands at the door and knocks many in this world NEED to hear that Jesus stands at the door and knocks and to all who open He will give rest will you tell someone that He stands at the door and knocks? Let the Lord so soften your hardened heart to help...
  4. B

    Scripture in song

    Greetings, Do you listen to scripture in song? There are several or maybe even a lot? of resources available that give or sell music that is only scripture accompanied by music , the Scripture being sung. Do you know of any and if so do you have a favourite? Tell us why you like it! Bless...